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JumpSport Trampoline

Kids are always active and it is hard to force them sit idly. Then, instead of allowing them to jump on the bed, parents purchase trampoline as a great investment. There are numerous trampolines available on today’s marketplace. To narrow down your searching, we gladly introduce JumpSport Elite Trampoline, one of the best-selling items in this day and age.


JumpSport Elite Trampoline is an ideal option for people who love efficiency and durability. It comes in eye-catching design of black and blue to be out-standing in your backyard. Other positive features of the tool could be listed here, including the great ease of installation and high bounces. Kids could get fun and improve their general health by doing exercises on the trampoline surface.

JumpSport Elite 14-Foot Trampoline with Enclosure
Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

What we like

  • Nice design of royal blue and black
  • Stronger frame and thicker pipes
  • Included safety enclosure
  • Large jumping space
  • Various sizes of 10 feet, 12 feet or 14feet diameter
  • Easy to set up
  • 35 inches of mat rests
  • UV materials
  • Hidden springs
  • Great for health
  • 15 years of warranty

What we don’t like

  • It requires more than one person to set up the trampoline

Customer Ratings

Most of users feel pleased with this trampoline thanks to great combination between safety and durability. It is obvious that the trampoline is highly rated by awesome powder coating and the great ease of assembling. Jumping on the trampoline is an efficient method to enhance different skills of coordination, concentration, confidence and more. With this modern trampoline, users don’t have to worry about the danger of their kids when getting involved into adventurous activities such as climbing, cycling, and more.

However, some people complaint about slow ships or customer lacking to inform the time for sale. Based on both of its strengths and weaknesses, it deserves to rank 4 out of 5 stars of customer ratings.

Safety Precautions

When it comes to using a trampoline, safety should be always the most important concern. Before allowing your kids to play on the trampoline, you must ensure that all of its components are in good conditions. This requirement not only helps build up its safety, but also brings high quality of bounces. A good trampoline has to please customers in many aspects, including strong construction, covered springs and durable safety enclosure. Kids are easily suffered from high impacts on joints and muscles. Then, in addition to supervising your kids all the time, you should teach them how to jump safely on the trampoline mat.

A big plus of using JumpSport trampoline is that it provides a tent accessory for your family to get more fun and excitement. It brings an ideal place for sleeping in picnics or camping. The smart tent also equips zippered doorway for easy coming in and out. Coming with 3 windows, it helps remain ventilation inside of the tent.

In general, JumpSport Trampoline is still an out-standing option among a variety of reliable models. Parents could be rest assured to allow their kids to get fun and entertainment on the trampoline. The model not only comes with eye-catching design, but also high safety and durability.

JumpPport 14′ Pricing & JumpSport 12′ Pricing⇒

Recommended Alleyoop Trampoline: AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline Review

AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline Review

There is nothing more comfortable than sharing the relaxing moments with all members in your family. This is the reason why trampoline becomes an ideal option for fun and health improvement. When you decide a trampoline for home use, safety should be the most important priority. Among a great number of trampoline models available on today’s marketplace, AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline is considered as one of the safest model for jumpers at all ages. It guarantees to protect your children from falling down the trampoline mat. Explore all of gorgeous features when using this type of trampoline.

AlleyOop DoubleBounce System with integrated Safety Enclosure
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5


As one of the leading corporations in trampoline industry, AlleyOop Double Bounce attempts to offer highest level of safety to jumpers. It equips various safety features for each time of jumping on the trampoline mat. Thanks to the air shock technology, it boosts the trampoline stability in a comprehensive way. Coming with patented triple enclosure, the tool is very awesome for reducing injuries on joints and muscles. Your children could play on the trampoline without any pressure of falling down its mat. One fact is that the number of people using AlleyOop trampolines is lower every year than other traditional models.

Moreover, thick pad is a positive advantage of the trampoline. It not only creates the surprising comfort, but also strengthens its durability to effectively support adults.

AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline Review


One of the most impressive features that this trampoline brings to us is high bounces. There is less shock when jumping on its surface. Therefore, feel free to enjoy the fresh air and pretty bounces of the trampoline. Durability is another factor that we had better mention here. Its sturdy construction comes from high-quality frame, pre-galvanized steel and UV mat. These elements contribute to improve its longevity over time. The tool could be used under different weather conditions such as wind, sunlight, snowfall, etc…Although the tool requires higher cost than some brands on the market; it brings tons of benefits that exceed your expectations.

Ease of Use

Using Double Bounce trampoline means you have chance to take advantage of its great ease of use. It allows the great ease to come in and out the trampoline without any difficulty. The trampoline could endure a weight capacity of 250 pounds for an individual and up to 800 pounds for many jumpers. As a result, you could do numerous cool tricks to enjoy great moments you haven’t known before. You had better equip 3-step ladder for easier climbing on the trampoline. Remember to take it off to prevent unpermitted access.


It is advisable for you to need the support from other people to complete the trampoline establishment. This is because the tool comes with many safety accessories to build up its sturdy construction.

All in all, Double Bounce not only inherits excellent features of previous trampolines, but also has huge improvement in design. Using this tool means you are guaranteed by a well-known brand in the industry of trampoline. It is obvious that the trampoline features top high-end characteristics that are appropriate with its price.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

The JumpSport Trampoline Model 250 is one of the finest trampolines among the lot. It has amazing features which will win your heart instantly. This JumpSport product has unique features which makes jumping fun. Workouts also become effective and easy to do with this product. Exercise will not become a hectic job. You will look forward to this routine of your day. Therefore, welcome this product to your home and experience the amazing features.

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline comes with a workout DVD which is excellent to follow. You can use this DVD understand the various kinds of workouts that you can do on this product. Therefore, use this DVD to build a proper overview of the product.

The most positive review received by this product says,” Although it is expensive, it is the best fitness trampoline I have ever owned. I have bought five (different brands) before this – they don’t last long as springs and bungees break after about 1 -2 years.” Hence, it is certainly of the finest products among other brands. Longevity is the key factor and the JumpSport Trampoline 250 delivers it.

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is made up of steel and has fantastic durability features. Therefore, buying this product will not be a bad decision. Everybody wants a durable product and this JumpSport product will satisfy your needs.

One of the customers on Amazon said, “Have had this trampoline for a month or so now. We love it! A very soft bounce that doesn’t jar your body in any way. Great cardio workout and great for circulation too!”  Hence, customers have shown a positive response towards this product. Therefore, the JumpSport is a trustworthy company. Hence, purchase this product and see for yourself.


6-Steel Legs

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline stands on 6 steel legs. These legs are rust-resistant and impart durability to the product. They impart stability and sturdiness to the product. Therefore, this product assures durability like no other.

Size of the Mat Matters

The JumpSport Fitness Model 250 has a 39 degree frame. This trampoline has a wide mat which makes jumping very easy. It gives enough room for exercise and also imparts strength while jumping. This size is quite good when compared with other products.

Black Arched Legs

The JumpSport Model 250 has black arched legs. These legs dissipate the force evenly. Thus, the structure has a strong base. So, durability is a tick for this product.

Workout DVD

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 has a workout DVD which is quite helpful to use the product. The DVD sows various ways of doing exercises on this innovation. Therefore, use this video to make the most of this JumpSport product.

A Petal Design

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 has 39 inch diameter. 5.5 inches of the total size has a petal design. This petal design is durable and releases the tension on the product. Therefore, this product has excellent features which make this product an excellent choice. It keeps the rebounding surface in place.

41uIX0If6rL.jpg (500×323)

Cardiovascular activities

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is fantastic for cardiovascular activities. Cardiovascular activities are very advantageous to the body. It improves blood circulation, enhances the oxygen intake, increases metabolism and strengthens the muscles. Therefore, you will not have to make frequent visits to the gym. One of the customers on Amazon said,” This is a great cardio workout and a lot of fun. There are a lot of workout videos on line to take advantage of.” Therefore, people are making use of this trampoline for fitness.


The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is very durable. This trampoline has proved to be the best in business. People have been satisfied with the durability of the product. One of the customers said,” I love this trampoline. I have been using it for over year and it is still in perfect condition.” This shows that this trampoline is worth its price.

Easy to Put Together

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is very easy to put together. The instruction manual that comes with this product is very helpful and easy to comprehend. Not many complaints have been received regarding the assembly of the product.


Tiny Jumping Area

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 has a tiny jumping area. Many customers have complained regarding this fact. One of them said, “However, it has a tiny jump area. Because of this I can’t really do jumping jacks or much of anything but jump straight up and down. If it were 10 inches wider, there would be much more flexibility and creativity.” Thus, the jumping up and down does not add much to the physical activity.

A bit expensive

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is a bit pricey. This product costs $249.00. Hence, in comparison with similar products in the market, this product is expensive. But the product is worth its price. It promises longevity and imparts stability.


Many customers have also cited the fact that this product us heavy. It causes difficulty to move the trampoline hither and thither. Therefore, be ready to face some difficulty while carrying it around. Use some help!

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