Upgrade Your Yard with Absolutely the Best Rectangle Trampoline (All You Need To Know)

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Trampolines are very functional and fun refreshment for our yards. But sometimes we are not sure what type of trampoline is the best for our needs.

Well, even If you’re used to the traditional round trampolines, and not very enthusiastic about trying something new, you should try rectangular trampolines!


They have many advantages in comparison to the round ones, are usually more extensive, and provide a better bounce. Still, you can read all about them in detail in the following article and explore the best rectangle trampoline we have found for you!


Top 3 Recommendations

The Best Rectangle Trampoline For You In 2021 - My 9 Choices

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure – Best Rectangle Trampoline

You’re on a budget, but you still want to upgrade the look of your yard and provide some extra fun time for your family? Skywalker Trampolines rectangle trampoline is the right choice for you.

Except for being budget-friendly, this particular trampoline differs from the other products on the market with its upgraded safety design. Namely, the structure of the trampoline beside the sturdy frame made of galvanized steel also includes T-Sockets. T-Sockets improve the stability and rigidity of the trampoline by preventing any structural twisting.

Furthermore, the trampoline includes an enclosure net, with the springs set outside of it and covered with a safety skirt. In this way, the bouncing surface is ultimately secure for kids and adults since they can’t reach the springs at all.

As for the springs, they are tightly-coiled and made of rust-resistant steel for longer life and better bounce quality. Another feature that improves safety is the dual zipper of the net, which, together with a latch clip, prevents users from falling out of this trampoline.

The product comes with a three-year warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for all the other additional parts.

  • Durable steel frame
  • Upgraded safety design
  • Includes enclosure net
  • Includes warranty
  • No additional parts on the market

JUMP POWER 72" x 50" Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline - Best Rectangle Trampoline for Kids

Kids love their toys fun and amusing, that is why products for kids demand unique childish design, attractive to them. JUMP POWER 72" x 50" Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline is one of that kind.

First of all, the sturdy frame contains 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing along with the legs, which are further part of blow-molded plastic construction for extra safety and more attractive design.

Secondly, the trampoline includes 42 zinc-coated springs, made of galvanized steel for prolonged durability of the product and high-quality bounces your kid will love. The springs are covered with a safety skirt, printed in dinosaur design that gives this trampoline a unique look.

When it comes to safety, all poles are padded with thick foam to prevent injuries. Also, a safety enclosure net made of UV-resistant PE material encircles the entire trampoline; this is also the material of the jumping mat, so you can set your trampoline outdoors without worrying.

The enclosure net has a high-quality zipper for a safe entrance and exit, durable enough for kids not to fall out of the trampoline during their playtime.

Moreover, this fantastic trampoline also includes a removable swing for extra fun in this entertaining mini center. Since it is also suitable for toddlers, it provides an additional activity for them as well.

This trampoline passed the safety standards and is secure for kids from the age of three to the age of ten with its total weight capacity of 110 lbs.

  • Safe
  • Has an enclosure net
  • Dinosaur design
  • UV-resistant
  • Sturdy frame
  • Low weight capacity

Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline - Overall Stability

If you’re worried about whether or not your next trampoline will have enough durability to sustain all the pressure from jumping around, the Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline will prove to be the best one you can get.

Even though this trampoline is technically a round model due to the shape of the jumping area, the protective enclosure net is set up in a cubical form that makes it suitable for this list. It’s an outdoor trampoline, so you can set it up in your backyard on the grass.

Exacme is a manufacturer that specialises in trampolines and all the equipment that comes with them, and we’ll even cover another one of their products later on. The point is - you know you’re getting a quality trampoline when it comes from a manufacturer that focuses solely on them.

This Exacme trampoline is stable and safe because the poles are padded with foal, thus preventing any injuries from jumping around and randomly bumping against the poles. Even if you do jump a bit hard, the trampoline is further secured with the clamps that stabilise the trampoline legs, making it impossible to flip over or damage the construction.

The Exacme trampoline itself can withstand weight pressure up to 335 lbs, which is more than enough to support approximately four to five kids at a time, which should be more than enough by classic trampoline standards. If you require more, this trampoline has different models that can withstand larger weights. Also, did we mention that it has a basketball hoop?

Overall, it’s one of the best trampolines that we could find, and there aren’t any flaws that could potentially dissuade you from purchasing it. It’s awesome, and you should buy it!

  • Stable
  • Safe
  • Large jumping surface
  • It comes with a hoop
  • Not that bouncy

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Square Trampoline – Best Rectangular Trampoline with Extended Jumping Surface

If what you’re looking for in a trampoline is a large rectangular jumping surface, safely encircled with enclosure net, Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Square Trampoline is the right product for you.

Firstly, Skywalker makes its products to meet all the safety ASTM standards and provides a warranty guaranteeing you the long durability of their items.

This trampoline, in particular, consists of 16-gauge rust-resistant galvanized steel frame rails that, together with its 96 tightly-coiled springs, stand for sturdiness and stability.

Furthermore, the manufacturer improved stability by incorporating T-sockets that prevent any structural twisting and enable you a safe, fun experience on your trampoline.

The extended 15 feet square jumping surface is with the springs with a specially patented button-hole system that keeps the springs outside of the enclosure net.
Since I mentioned the enclosure net, it consists of tightly-woven polyethylene fibers with dual zippers and a latch-clip for kids not to fall out. Also, this unique design makes the trampoline suitable for kids from the age of six and older.

Finally, all the replacement parts are available on the market, so you can make sure this Skywalker trampoline will last for years.

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for kids
  • Warranty
  • Safe
  • High-quality construction
  • Extended mat
  • None

Exacme 7x10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline - The Best For Small Kids

As we mentioned, Exacme is a verified manufacturer and distributor of child and adult trampolines, so it’s no wonder that we have another one of their products, the Exacme 7x10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline.

This rectangle trampoline is perfect for small kids and people that don’t have enough space in their backyards. The official dimensions for this trampoline are 7x10 feet for the frame and 5.5x8.5 feet for the jumping surface. Overall, it’s the lack of size why you’ll get this trampoline specifically.

However, it being small does not mean that it’s not durable, considering that it has eight wire rails made from non-corrosive steel. Construction like this helps improve the field of view, and the net won’t sag as much due to tightness.

The springs are large and durable enough to improve the overall bounciness of the trampoline, but the weight that it can withstand is not the best since it stands at 275 lbs. Overall, it’s suitable for three kids to jump at a time.

On the other hand, the safety of this Exacme trampoline is top-notch due to the padded poles and the fact that the net is assembled on the inside so as to prevent any injuries from the frame. The only remark we have is the weight limit, but you probably won’t even be considering this trampoline if you have a large family.

  • Perfect for small backyards
  • Safety measures
  • Durable
  • Non-corrosive steel rails
  • Weight limit

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline - Jumping Capacity

In contrast to the previous one, this trampoline has all the necessary requirements that a large family would need. Without further ado, here’s the Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline.

This extremely large and wide trampoline is one heavy-duty product. It can withstand 550 lbs of weight pressure without any issues since it contains 140 heavy-duty springs to support its basis. The springs are 9-inch long, more than you’d normally see in a standard trampoline, but that’s what you get from one this big.

Granted, this Happy Trampoline bouncy product is not the everyday trampoline that you’d see in a backyard of a house, which is why it’s so rare and expensive. On the other hand, it’s excellent for large family reunions or for families with large backyards. Either way, it’s an investment that quickly pays off.

Such a spacious jumping surface is not a safety guarantee in itself, but when you consider the quality-made net enclosure and the steel frame that easily holds the trampoline to the ground, you won’t be worried for a second about your children’s health.

The remark we have is obvious - the price is gigantic. Still, it’s a quality trampoline that will surely last for years if taken correctly. It’s safe for beginners, and no one can get hurt while trying to compete for the largest jump in the neighbourhood!

  • 10×20 feet dimensions
  • 550 lbs weight limit
  • Wide jumping surface
  • Tight and secure
  • Expensive

Happy Trampoline Gymnastics Trampoline - The Best for Adult Kids

Moving along in the fashion of the previous products, we have another large and wide trampoline that will undoubtedly dazzle you with its properties. Here’s the Happy Trampoline Gymnastics Trampoline.

Even though it comes from the same manufacturer as the previous one and has similar characteristics, this trampoline has some key differences in comparison. Firstly, it’s a bit larger, having 10x23-feet dimensions that increase the jumping surface by 3 feet.

Secondly, the best feature of this Happy Trampoline trampoline is the quality enclosure net that cannot be matched in terms of quality with most trampolines on the market. It’s not prone to wear and tear and can last up to thirty years!

The bounce factor is literally through the roof since the trampoline features 156 long and quality-made springs that won’t rust in time. The 9-inch springs are long, tapered, and excellent for gymnasts training for their next event.

Both smaller and larger kids can use this Happy Trampoline trampoline, but due to the extreme quality of the product, you’ll probably consider smaller trampolines for younger children. This one is perfectly suitable for adult kids.

Overall, what more could you want from a trampoline that has an incredible bounce factor, strong and durable construction, and an incredibly thick frame wall?

  • Large dimensions
  • Enclosure net quality
  • Perfect for adult kids
  • Bounce factor
  • Not for beginners

JumpKing JKRC1014C319 Rectangle Trampoline - Easy Setup

Finally, we have one more product before we wrap up this article, and it’s a straightforward trampoline that most of you traditionalists will surely love. Here’s the JumpKing JKRC1014C319 Rectangle Trampoline.

The reason we like and decided to include this JumpKing trampoline is due to its straightforwardness. It’s not a complex product that requires you to read manuals and spend an entire afternoon setting up.

It has a four-leg construction that’s not that common among the premium products, but it does the job in terms of stability and overall safety. The jumping surface is designed in a way that each bounce won’t fling you to the centre, and it’ll keep you in the direction that you were.

The enclosure net is well-made and has an L-shaped zipper for ease of use with a safety clip lock. Overall, there’s no way your kids are breaking through this net.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that even though this is a 10x14-feet trampoline, it won’t be suitable for many kids to jump around at the same time. You should probably limit it to three individuals at a time, just in case.

This is also a green product, in the sense that it’s made from environmentally-friendly materials. Also, it’s quite affordable, which is why we considered putting it as a budget pick as well.

As we said, it’s not the best one, but it’s undoubtedly a trampoline that all parents will appreciate.

  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Safe enclosure net
  • Four-leg construction
  • Not suitable for more than three kids

Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Spacious Rectangular Trampoline - Best Rectangular Trampoline with Unique Enclosure System

The fantastic, all-encompassing features of the Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Spacious Rectangular Trampoline made it easy for us to proclaim it the runner up best rectangular trampoline.

Here is why:

The assembly of this trampoline, to start with, is extremely easy. No additional tools or materials are needed; everything is in the set.

Its construction includes heavy-duty black coated steel, designed for prolonged durability and stability. Furthermore, it incorporates rust-free galvanized steel springs that allow high-quality jumps for many people up to 500lbs weight capacity.

When it comes to the mat material, it is the premium PP mesh polyethylene with 8-row stitching. This all practically means it won’t be tearing apart and will last for many years.

Now, the most distinguishing feature of this trampoline is its top flex pole enclosure system. The curved poles, in comparison to the straight ones, offer better stability and longer life-span of the product. The poles include thick EPE foam for safety measures.

The premium Terylene mesh net has a dual zipper and latch-clips with no gaps or holes on it, ensuring 100% safe and sound experience along with the 450 grams PVC padding on top and 310 grams PE padding on the bottom.

  • High-quality construction
  • Ensured safety
  • The unique top-flex pole enclosure system
  • No gaps on enclosure web
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable mat
  • High weight capacity
  • No replacement mat on the market

Rectangular vs. Round Trampoline

best rectangle trampoline for gymnastics

With so many choices on the market, people get confused about the features that play an essential role in a product’s quality. Many will ask, “How much can the shape of a trampoline affect its quality?

Well, when it comes to trampolines, there are some critical differences in the product’s essence, depending on the shape. Let’s see what they are.

1. Bounce Quality

The essential difference between rectangular and round trampolines is the bounce quality. In round trampolines with each jump, all of the springs are stressed and used.

On the other hand, in the rectangular ones, not all of the springs work at the same time; this practically means that the bouncing force of the rectangular trampoline is the same in every part of the mat, while the gravitational force in round one is the highest in the center and much lower in other regions. This mechanism enables better and higher jumps on the rectangular one.

2. Limitations in Number of Users

best rectangle trampoline brands

The above-explained mechanism of the rectangular trampoline enables more people to have equally fun experience since the surface is evenly bounce-able in every area of the mat; this is not possible on the round one. Only the person jumping in the middle of the trampoline will have a high bounce. The others will not be affected by the gravitational force that much, so they will not be able to jump not as high as the one in the middle.

Thus, rectangular trampolines are more suitable for two or more people.

3. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity depends on many different factors: material, size, durability, frame quality, etc. However, due to the larger bouncing surface and better bouncing dynamics, rectangular trampolines generally have a higher weight capacity than the round ones.

Despite the size, the average weight capacity of the rectangular trampolines is between 300 and 450 pounds. On the contrary, the average capacitance for the round trampolines is around 250 - 300 pounds.

4. Predisposition for Fitness

best rectangle trampoline for tumbling

Once again, the perfect bouncing mechanism of the rectangular trampoline provides a higher and better jumping experience, ideal for exercising and fitness. The round trampolines are thus more suitable for fun and recreational experience since they do not provide the same jumping force in each corner of the mat.

So, if you’re buying a trampoline for more advanced jumping purposes, you should opt for the rectangular one.

5. The Price

Price for some people is the key feature when choosing the right product. However, it is not new that a higher cost usually follows quality. Hence, rectangular trampolines are more expensive than round trampolines. 

But you can always find some more economical choices in both types and stay on the budget.


Are rectangular trampolines better than regular ones?

The most simple answer is YES. Rectangular trampolines have different spring structures that allow the users to jump freely as all jumps are rebounded in equal measure. The springs are usually more durable and will offer your kids to experiment more with their jumps.

On the other hand, they tend to cost more and usually take a bit more space than the round ones. So, the most important thing you should ask yourself before buying one is Why?

What is the best rectangle trampoline?

There are quite a few rectangle trampolines that have caught our attention. All the products on this list are special in their own regard, but the best one for us is the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure.

The Skywalker trampolines have a lot of products on the market, but this one is undoubtedly the best so far due to three factors - bounce, quality, and durability.

Why are rectangular trampolines more expensive?

best rectangle trampoline reviews

The construction of rectangular trampolines differs quite a bit from round models. They usually have a more complex spring base, and the materials are significantly more durable.

Also, they tend to be a bit larger, which probably affects the price a bit. Still, you should consider buying a rectangle trampoline if you’re going for the long run.

How big of a trampoline should I get?

It usually depends on how many family members you have and the space you have at your disposal. Usually, the standard rectangular models have 10x14-feet dimensions that can successfully withstand the weight of four kids at a time or three adults, depending on the individual weight.

Of course, there are larger and wider models in case you have a large family.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to include some fun outdoor time in your family routine, improve the look of your yard, and do some healthy exercises each day, you should check out our best rectangular trampoline. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure has all you need: improved bouncing mechanism, high-quality construction, safety enclosure net, high weight capacity, and size-able bouncing surface.

Whatever is that which you're looking for, a fun centre for your kids or a new piece of fitness equipment, it can support all your needs.

Don’t settle for boring, traditional round trampolines; experience the innovative, improved bouncing mechanism of rectangular trampolines!

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