How to Choose the Best Water Bouncers: The Definitive Guide

best water trampolineThe best water bouncers are inflatable and are used mostly in the summertime in lakes, rivers, and some reservoirs if permitted there. Smaller water trampolines are available for swimming pools. You must always be on the side of caution for safety, especially with kids. To make sure they are immobile and that they cannot move, use a strong rope or cable attached to secure the device. Some trampolines have cool accessories, for example, slides. Some manufacturers manufacture trampolines without frames. Water trampolines are safe when used correctly as the manufacture states in their User’s Manual.

Benefits Using a Trampoline

Unless you are trying out for the Olympics, a casual home use trampoline is great for exercise and lots of fun! Bouncing increases heart rate, develops, and strengthens muscles. It will provide a sense of balance. It is great for eye coordination and keep the kids from becoming obese. This will improve ballet skills, diving, and gymnastics. Adults get a great cardio exercise session. Mental alertness is improved, and reaction time becomes faster.

Trampoline bouncing is good for family bonding together at home. It keeps the kids off the addictive computer games, puzzle, sports, shooting, and every other game imaginable on computers or hand-held devices. Invite your neighbors, family, and friends to join in all the fun. You and the kids will love it and sleep like a log!

A bouncer is used in the water and do not have springs as a trampoline does.

Kids’ Trampolines

These are believed to be safer with imaginative pictures and vibrant colors to excite and appeal to kids. The

They are sometimes called bounce houses, castles, or buildings. Because they are safer than traditional trampolines, the walls resist punctures making them perfect for smaller kids. The bigger trampolines are usually seen at playgrounds and fairs. The smaller ones are best inside your home or outside in the yard. These are safe for kids and adults.

A water bouncer is not the same as a trampoline used in the yard.

Buying the Best Water Trampoline for Your Family

Engineered, designed, and created to endure and hold up to the bouncing pressure, every trampoline is made to do this. Be cautious and always check all safety criteria in each manufacturer’s product. As a consumer, you must be able to check all specifications and safety guidelines.

A water bouncer uses no springs so is not a trampoline.

Things to look for and think about before purchasing a trampoline:

  • Frame—made of robust and durable metal welded appropriately. Shoddy welding will reveal air bubbles in the metal, small metal filings, and rust spots. The edges must not have burrs or nubs that can cause scrapes and cuts assembling the unit and when using it.
  • Joints—frame joints, any seams, or intersections must fit tightly with screws and bolts.
  • Springs—produce the bounce not the bounce mat that must be replaced when torn or worn. The springs must be fitted and smooth enough to the holds.
  • Elastic Bands—are used by some trampoline manufacturers rather than springs. These can lose their initial elasticity after time. If your trampoline is left outdoors in the winter, snow can wreck the strength of elastic bands. This type band needs to be replaced more often than springs of metal.
  • Spring Covers—must be fastened to the frame and springs accurately according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Enclosures—are absolutely essential for you and your kids’ safety. Always be sure the poles for the enclosure net are secured appropriately to the trampoline for safety and security. The user’s weight must be able to endure the trampoline’s materials and bouncing movements.

Keep away from cheaply made inexpensive trampolines. You and your kids’ safety is at risk and the quality is not there. Select a reputable manufacturer that you trust. Always check for Warranties and Guarantees. Be sure spare parts are available and that the company provides customer service for any and all of your concerns and needs.

Water bouncers do not use metal and have no frames as such. They are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Rectangular, Round, or Square Trampolines

  • Rectangular and square trampolines have a different manufacturing design.
  • Rectangular shapes have springs that are more flexible providing a higher jump with more force in landing and are used by gymnasts and athletes.
  • Square trampolines are safer for kids and beginners. They provide a harder and lower bounce due to the crisscross spring pattern.
  • Round trampolines are more well-liked and admired by kids who find them trendy and fashionable with their peers.
  • The users of round units are guided to the center when they do their bounce by the trampoline.

Round trampolines are the best for beginners who want to have fun with their families and friends. Being less expensive, the circular frame needs less support features and is the easiest one to set up.

Water bouncers come in fun shapes, colors, and designs.

Safety Tips for Kids

Kids are not usually inclined to safety consciousness so the adults must do it for them. Here are safety procedures for yourself and the kids:

  • Kids under age 6 should never use the trampoline.
  • Adult supervision must be available at all times with kids.
  • Only let one child bounce at a time. Two or more kids can be hurt and hurt one another.
  • Do not let kids do dangerous jumps, flips, somersaults, or play rough.
  • Kids must always be in the center of a trampoline when they are bouncing.
  • Kids should wear loose clothing with no scarves, jewelry, watches, hats, or baggy hanging fabrics.
  • Remove a ladder close by or attached to the trampoline. The kids might use it when you are not around and be hurt.
  • Do not use hoses to spray water when on the trampoline.
  • Be sure no one, pets, boxes, or anything is under the trampoline when using it.
  • Remind the kids about all safety rules and the significance of disobeying you.

The Right Trampoline Location

Put your trampoline on a completely flat area so that it will not shake or move. Never put it on a slope or uneven ground. A grassy area is best. Never put it on concrete driveways, asphalt, or sidewalks. You can have your driveways sealcoated and asphalt repaired via GETTYSBURG SEALCOATING SERVICES, which is known to be the best in this area; but that does not ensure appropriate support for your trampoline. Have open space with no fences, trees, bushes. Have at least 8-feet of clearance on all sides of the trampoline. A safety net or crash mat around the trampoline is a good idea. Dirt is hard to kids!

Water bouncers are not trampolines and are to be used only in the water.

Top 5 Best Water Bouncers with Reviews


RAVE® Sports Bongo Water Bouncer

RAVE Sports Bongo Water Bouncer
Our Rating: 3.9 / 5

The RAVE® yellow and blue water bouncer provides a trampoline type of surface for lounging and/or bouncing. The model number BONGO is great for adrenalin rushes and fun for the whole family. It is made of 1000 denier (fiber thickness measurement) polyester in 8 panels, and is UV-treated for sun protection and has heat-welded seams for security.  The military uses the same high-end material in their inflatables and military boats on the ocean. What a fun time in the summertime!

The boarding and off-boarding ladder has steps that go into the water with handles to help you on and off the bouncer. It will inflate within 5 to 20 minutes depending on the pump you have and is easy to move about in or out of a vehicle. An anchor will let it stay put where you want to have your fun. Add a slide, and the kids will be in heaven!

The Bongo comes in 10-, 13-, and 15-foot sizes for the perfect size for you and your family. Put one in your boat or vehicle to take with you to the salt-water ocean, lakes, or rivers. Put it in at least 8-feet of water. The jump surface is 34-square feet. Lounge and play in the water keeping the kids active while you fish nearby or lounge on top. It’s a good idea to wear life preservers. All Bongo’s come with a 3-step ladder (Bongo 15) stainless steel, or aluminum ladder (Bongo 10 and 13). The steps will go deeply into the water and the handles are easy to hang onto being either stainless steel or aluminum bars. Additionally, handholds are molded into each step with boarding handles located on the top. Everyone in your party can get on and off with no effort involved.

Moving the Bongo across the ground is not difficult, but do not drag it because sharp rocks and sticks can tear it. Since there is no metal in it, corrosion is not an issue, except for the steel anchor rings. It is very easy to set up and you can use the two-way hand pump included for the 10- or 13-foot Bongo. The 15-footer will use an industrial inflator/deflator (not included) and is easy to purchase.

Your Bongo will come with an anchor bag for the 10- and 13-foot unit that you can fill with rocks or sand. The recommended anchor weight is 35 to 45 pounds. You can use cement blocks with non-corrosive metal chains and then deflate and put in a large lawn bag for the winter. The Bongo 15 has a fixed anchor harness located on the underside.

RAVE® states that the user weight limit is 700 pounds. The 10-foot Bongo is 26- x 120- x 120-inches and weighs 37 pounds. The display weight is 67 pounds and the shipping weight is 47.15 pounds.

RAVE® states that the Bongo will hold 6 or more people. The 13-foot Bongo is 18- x 20- x 27-inches and weighs 65 pounds. The display weight is 67 pounds and the shipping weight is 61.2 pounds. The material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Safety Warning: The Bongo is not to be used as a lifesaving device. Adult supervision is required with kids.

The RAVE® Bongo comes with a User’s Manual and a Lifetime Warranty against defects in material or workmanship.


Island Hopper 17-foot Bounce ‘N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Island Hopper 17' Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer
Our Rating: 5.0 / 5

Island Hopper has been engineering, designing, and creating water sports equipment since 1991, located in Auburn, California, USA. Their 17-foot water bouncer and swimming platform is padded, has no springs, and includes an interwoven nylon mat that is webbed. The heavy and strong reinforced 1000 denier material is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and is made to last up to 4 years. An exclusive enhancement to the Island Hopper bouncer is its 0.5-inch foam padding along the perimeter.

When inflated, the dimensions are 17-feet in diameter x 36-inches high with a 13-foot diameter jumping surface. The maximum weight limit is 700 pounds. Another place states max weight is 5 kids or 1000 pounds. Check with the manufacturer for the specifics you need.

Island Hopper is famous for its water trampolines that so happen to be the first choice of campsites and resorts globally. The padded water bouncer was created for tough use and long life. The nylon webbing uses tub flex features for the bounce you will enjoy with the lift up the same as with a trampoline. The seams will not blow out or rupture with a 5-year seam Warranty.

The bouncer uses 6 each anchor-tie D-rings with 3 inside and 3 underneath the tube. For your safety and security with mooring, you will have the 6-step easy access ladder, 12 swimming assisted handles, repair kit, and carrying and storage bag.

Attachments that are available but not included are the Gator Head, Gator Tail, Bounce ‘n Slide, Double Blaster, and Island Runner.

The dimensions are 204- x 204- x 36-inches and the item weight is 95 pounds. The shipping weight is 134 pounds.

See their safety video here:

The Island Hopper water bouncer comes with a User’s Manual and 5-year Limited Warranty. International shipments will be sent to the closest International Airport near you. The customer pays for all clearances, duty, and taxes. No delivery service to your home or place of business is available.


RAVE® O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer with Slide

Rave O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer (White/Blue)
Our Rating: 4.0 / 5

The RAVE® blue and white water bouncer is affordable for you and especially the kids swimming and bouncing with lots of squeals and delight. The O-Zone Plus has a 5-foot platform with a fun slide for double the pleasure! You can attach the slide or leave it off. Adults can use it as well as the kids. It also has a 48-inch boarding platform that has vinyl handles for those swimmers needing to get back on top with more handles on the bouncer and slide. Made of heavy-duty 28-gauge PVC (polyvinyl chloride), it additionally has grab handles around the entire perimeter. The center of the bouncer will not have water pooling because it has large drain holes in the base. You will receive a high-intensity 40-pound anchor bag to load with rocks, sand, or concrete blocks.

This is not a trampoline, it has no springs, and cannot be used on the ground and will tear.

The maximum load is 240-pounds, about 1 to 3 kids. Another area states that 500-pounds is the maximum capacity. Be sure to check with your vendor and read your instruction book. Your set up time will be about 30 to 45 minutes. The water depth required is 8-feet, and the jump surface is 5-feet.

The dimensions when inflated are 208- x 96- x 54-inches. The included slide is 84- x 42- x 52-inches. The platform is 48- x 48- x 6-inches. There are 2 each 2-way Boston valves for inflatables. The shipping weight is 74 pounds and the item display weight is 73.9 pounds. The item weight is 67 pounds.

The RAVE® O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer comes with a User’s Manual and a Limited 1-year Warranty against defects in material or workmanship.


RAVE® Sports® O-Zone Water Bouncer

RAVE Sports O-Zone Water Bouncer
Our Rating: 4.1 / 5

The RAVE® Sports® O-Zone bouncer model number 02417 for water is a fun time to be had by all the kids! It is portable and lightweight. Another model XL is a bit larger. The bouncer shown here has a low profile boarding platform easy for kids to get on. Add on the O-Zone Slide and the new Oasis Lounge (sold separately) perfect for parents to relax on while watching the kids have fun.

This unit has a 5-foot bounce surface and will hold 500 pounds maximum weight. The overall perimeter is 8-feet. It is made of heavy-duty 28-gauge PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for strength and durability. Kids of all ages will find this bouncer easy to board.

The inflated dimensions are 136- x 100- x 28-inches and it weighs 37 pounds. The shipping weight is 48 pounds.

The RAVE® Sports® O-Zone Water Bouncer comes with a User’s Manual and a Limited 1-year Warranty against defects in material or workmanship.


Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer 13-foot

Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer - 13 ft
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

The Island Hopper Turtle Hop is 13-feet with a 9-foot diameter surface for jumping and enjoying friends. It is made of 30-gauge PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for strength and sturdiness with electronically welded seams. Turtle has an enhanced chambered head, arms and feet to provide you with a wider more stable platform. The turtle graphics are really fun and cute! Kids will love his big wide open eyes and smile. You will find it easy for hauling and storing, setting up in a few minutes. The recommended weight capacity is 350 pounds.

The turtle is cool with his own repair kit and carrying/storage bag, including a double action hand pump for inflating him. The design has 7 chambers, 4 anchor-tie D-rings for secure and safe mooring, a 3-step access ladder, 9 swimmer support handles, dual option fill valve, and has no springs. The bouncer surface is made of polypropylene and is so soft for kids to be on and adults to relax. The webbing is created for the bouncer kids and the nylon webbing is interlaced for strength. No assembly is required. Simply pump it up and let the kids start turtle jumping. This turtle is not designed for commercial or heavy use, so keep safety in mind when using it.

The Inflated dimensions are 182-inches wide from the leg to fin x 166-inches long from the head to tail, 140-inch base, 34-inches tall with 9-feet of the functional surface. It is 140-inches in diameter and the overall width is 166-inches.

The Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer comes with a User’s Manual, a 90-day Limited Seam Warranty, and a 1-year jump surface replacement Warranty.

Final Thoughts

We know you want a safe water toy for your kids. Be sure to read customer reviews to check out their experiences. Be sure you get a great Warranty and a support service team to talk with for any concerns or questions. Be happy and have fun on the water this summer!