Best Trampoline of 2021: the Best Way to Entertain Your Kids

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I know that most of us have some of the best childhood memories tied up to a great thing called a trampoline. When I was a kid, the trampoline provided countless hours of laughter and fun with my siblings and friends.

I am aware that as a parent, you can be overprotective of your child, but why don't you reminisce at all the fun you had as a child bouncing around in your parent's backyard and just having a blast?

So because I know your struggle, I am here to help you find the best trampoline for your family.


Top 3 Recommendations
Why Should You Buy a Trampoline?
best trampoline for kids

Let's be honest - trampolines are fun, no matter if you are a kid or a grown-up. There is something special about them that no one can resist. They will encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors and less in front of the TV or video games.

Did you know that when you jump on a trampoline, it can benefit your health?

Many studies have proven that jumping on a trampoline is better than cardiovascular or aerobic exercising. You will improve your lymphatic system and circulation by jumping on a rebounder just 10 minutes a day! That means you can remove the toxins from your kidneys and lymph ducts easier.

If you include jumping jacks and knee raise when bouncing on your trampoline, you will do a great thing for your heart and lungs. Also, you will stimulate receptors in your body that are responsible for coordination and balance.

Do I need to mention that jumping will reduce your stress level?

Of course, this means you will have a better sleep during the night.

And in the end, jumping will make you younger, not just in spirit. It will slow down the process of aging that is caused by gravitational force — this way, you strengthen your muscles and bone structure.

The Trampolines For You In 2021 - My Top 11 Choices

CalmMax Trampoline 10-Foot Round Trampoline – Best Backyard Trampoline

There are various types of trampolines that you might be interested in - small, large, rebounders, or even gymnastic-size ones. However, one of the most common models that people go for is the 10 and 12-foot outdoor trampolines that everyone can use. Here's the best one, the CalmMax Trampoline 10-Foot Round Trampoline.

As you can probably guess, the most salient feature of a trampoline is, without question, its safety features. A quality trampoline needs to be ensured for all types of mishaps and possible damages so you can safely put your children on. Therefore, we're proud to say that this CalmMax trampoline, aside from the safety accessories, has all prerequisites that constitute a safe trampoline. It passed the ASTM standard and has some quality materials that won't wear in time.

As far as its individual features go, it gets only better. The safety enclosure net is 6 feet tall, and it's UV-resistant, meaning you can jump during the hottest days of summer and still remain protected from dangerous sun rays. Moreover, the net has a 360-degree range that protects you from all sides.

A lot of manufacturers claim that their trampolines are resilient, but they often have nothing to show. That's why it's refreshing to see a product that truly has everything that was advertised. The steel frame is galvanized with three layers of zinc that give it non-corrosive properties. Furthermore, the entire structure is UV-protected, which is why this is the best backyard trampoline on our list.

Finally, we have to mention the overall stability of this model. It has three U-shaped legs with a two-step ladder for the kids that offers utmost security. Also, it is a bit bulky, which is generally not preferred, but since this is a 10-foot model, the weight improves the overall stability and gives you peace of mind.

All in all, there's nothing more to want from a backyard trampoline.

  • Absolutely safe
  • UV-protected
  • 3-layer galvanized steel frame
  • Stability
  • /

Sportspower My First Trampoline - Best Indoor Trampoline

Usually, the indoor trampolines are designed to be used by toddlers and kids. So this model is suitable for children from 3 years and up. The great thing is that the weight capacity is 220 lbs. 

This is a heavy-duty trampoline with 7 feet of jumping surface. The frame is made from lightweight galvanized steel with six thick legs, which means it is very stable. 

The trampoline weighs around 60 pounds, which is quite heavy for this type of indoor trampoline.

It is equipped with 36 5.5-inch springs; they are evenly distributed across all padding mat and will provide a soft bounce. The downside is that this trampoline doesn’t come with a handlebar; that is why the trampoline is not for children under three years.

As almost all trampolines, this one too comes with a safety enclosure net with a zippered door for more comfortable use. The net is very durable and is not prone to ripping or sagging. The trampoline is elevated only a foot from the ground, so it is very easy for entering.

Assembling, on the other hand, can be very challenging. You will need two pairs of hands and a lot of patience. All the tools that are required for assembling are included in the package.

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Weight capacity is 220 pounds
  • Equipped with 36 springs
  • Very durable safety enclosure net
  • All the tools needed for setting up the trampoline comes in the package
  • Hard to assemble
  • Does not come with handlebar
  • It is quite heavy

Stamina Folding Trampoline - The Best Quiet Trampoline

This is a bit different model than what you're used to seeing since this is an indoor, mini trampoline that no one will notice due to its size and quiet nature. More on that in the Stamina Folding Trampoline.

Mini rebounder trampolines are almost always made for indoor use with a weight capacity intended for a single user. They are great for morning exercises and for people trying to lose weight, but having a trampoline in the house can be quite annoying for other household members due to the noise.

However, experts at Stamina have designed this incredible model with thirty resistance bands that offer the user two things - excellent bounce and quiet exercise. Furthermore, it's quite surprising that this rebounder can sustain up to 250 lbs of weight capacity, which is basically the weight limit of a standard backyard 10-foot trampoline.

The Stamina trampoline is easy to assemble, and it'll take you up to 15 minutes to have it up and ready. It has a foldable structure that makes it easy to store, and it features six rubber tips that you place on the legs of the trampoline to avoid damaging the floors of your house.

We tested it out ourselves, and we can safely say that it has no design flaws or any small details that could dissuade you from purchasing it. It's also incredibly cheap for a trampoline of this quality, so if you're on the market for a great rebounder that is quiet, this is the one.

The only problem with this Stamina trampoline is the overall longevity. It won't last you a really long time, but it's excellent for this price, and you can always swap it with a brand new one, and there won't be any major dents in your wallet.

  • Weight capacity
  • Quiet exercise
  • Excellent bounce
  • Affordable
  • Overall longevity

LBLA Kids Mini Trampoline - Best Mini Trampoline

First and foremost, assembling this model - it will only take you 10 minutes. With the size of 36'', it will fit anywhere. On the other hand, this size can support only small children from ages 3 to 6 and until they reach 132 lbs, so, unfortunately, your kids will outgrow it fast.

This LBLA trampoline is all about safety. It is built out from bold steel, and it has six legs, which are great for additional stability, and it will prevent your kid from falling over. The steel construction is enhanced with protective cover padding to prevent injuries from falling.

The handlebar is adjustable and padded, so it allows a firm grip, and you can set it up to be vertically or horizontally positioned - it depends on your needs. This trampoline lacks springs. When buying a trampoline for kids, it is always best to choose models without springs to prevent kids from catching their fingers in them.

You can easily disassemble and fold the LBLA Kids Mini Trampoline for easier storing or if you need to take it out. You can also use it outdoors, but what I like the most is that each leg has a plastic cap on it so you won't risk damaging your floor. 

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Can be used both outside and inside
  • Easy to fold
  • Made of sturdy steel
  • The handle is adjustable and padded
  • Protective cover padding
  • Comes with six legs for additional stability
  • No springs
  • Suitable only for small kids from age 3 to 6
  • It can only support the weight of 132 lbs

Skywalker Trampoline 12 Foot - Best Trampoline For Kids

Starting with this product, I must put out the well-known claim: every Skywalker trampoline model will guarantee you premium quality. This 12-foot model does not come with the required hardware for assembling, so you will need to use your own. It will take some time and patience, a pair of helping hands as well, but the result will be great.

The most important feature on a trampoline is stability, so do you know what will guarantee you a safe and fun bouncing? A good, sturdy, high-quality frame. This trampoline has a reinforced frame made of galvanized steel, which means it is sturdy and rust-resistant.

This model is spring-based, it has 72 tightly-coiled springs in total, and they are rust-free. The springs are outside of the enclosure net, so there is no need to be concerned about small fingers getting stuck between them.

Safety is the buyer’s biggest concern when buying a trampoline. That is why you will love this feature - a patented no-gap enclosure system. This net will fully close all the gaps between the jumping area and enclosure UV resistant mat. I must mention that it is made out of tightly-woven polyethylene with dual zipper & clip closure system.

And one more thing that I'm sure your kid will love - it comes with a basketball hoop to provide endless hours of fun family time.

  • Premium quality
  • The frame is sturdy and rust-free
  • Springs are located out of enclosure net
  • The patented no-gap enclosure system
  • UV resistant enclosure mat
  • Not so easy to assemble on your own
  • Do not come with the required hardware for assembling

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline - Best Rectangle Trampoline

This is the only rectangular model on today’s roundup. The great side of this shape is that it will provide a higher bounce then the classic round models. It is designed to withstand the weight up to 250 lbs. 

So if you and your family are experienced jumpers or you have a gymnast ambitionist in your family, I recommend you to place this trampoline in your backyard and have fun. It is not suitable for children under the age of 6, though.

This trampoline is a bit complicated for assembling, and you will need all the help you can get. Please be aware that because of the size, you will need some hours to set up this model.

The reinforced frame is built from galvanized steel that is rust-free and will provide you the stability that you need. Also, it is equipped with a patented no-gap enclosure system. The net is tightly-woven too, and the enclosure mat is UV resistant. All the materials that are used for designing this trampoline are weather-proof.

The springs are designed to work at different rates, so you are more in control of your jumping height and landing. This will provide you the even bounce every time.Springs are located out of the enclosure net. Also worth mentioning is that this model features reinforced T joints that prevent twisting of your trampoline.

  • Great for backyards and experienced jumpers and gymnasts train
  • The frame is sturdy
  • No-gap enclosure system
  • All materials are weather-proof, UV resistant mat and net
  • Springs are designed to provide you even bounce
  • Equipped with reinforced T joints
  • Needs a lot of space
  • Complicated for assembling

Zupapa Trampoline For Kids - ​The Best for the Entire Family

The next one is a real treat for everyone, parents included. It's never too late to start jumping, even if you think you're too old and friends might make fun of you. Here's the Zupapa Trampoline For Kids.

Zupapa has been making a lot of trampolines over the years, and you'll probably find a lot of their products across online articles. This model is a 2021 upgrade for some earlier models with a couple of new additions and accessories.

You should first know that it complies with all ASTM and TUV standards for safety, and it's perfectly safe to use. Secondly, the spring pad and the pad are sewn together, thus creating a no-gap design that eliminates the risk of injuries from falling through or getting your feet stuck in the gaps.

It comes in five sizes, but we strongly recommend you go for the 15-foot model for two reasons. Firstly, it has a 425 lbs weight limit, which ensures that both you and your kids will be able to climb aboard without worrying about exceeding the recommended weight. Secondly, it is pricier than the rest, but it has the best overall durability, and it'll last for years.

It has a galvanized steel frame with 5.5-inch long springs that are also galvanized. For those of you that haven't heard of it, it's a process of dipping steel into zinc alloys to give it an outer protective layer that ensures there won't be any rust after long exposure.

The flaw is that it's bulky, and you'll need backyard space to fit it properly. Also, don't forget to add diameter to ensure there will be space between the trampoline and your house when it's windy outside. Aside from that, it's a perfect addition to your household.

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight limit
  • Galvanized frame and springs
  • Bulky

Skywalker Mini Trampoline - Best Toddler Trampoline

We have already established how reliable the Skywalker trampolines are. So let's do a quick overlook of this excellent toddler trampoline.

Every trampoline that is intended to be used by toddlers must come with a handlebar for their safety. This one is not only padded for firmer grip; it can also be locked so your kid will be safe during the playtime. 

Next, no spring-based trampolines are highly recommended for toddlers. This one uses 25 stretch bands instead of springs, which is a great plus because it will protect your toddler’s joints from injuries. And the frame is made from durable steel that will guarantee stability.

This Skywalker trampoline comes with padded mat and polyethylene net, so you don't need to worry that your kid will fall out of it. The net is provided around lower levels of the trampoline too, so you don't need to worry that your pet or a toddler will crawl under the jumping mat. One thing though - this net can get easily ripped, so that can be a potential problem in the future.

Assembling is quickly, and it does not require a lot of space. This Skywalker trampoline can only be used indoors and can handle no more than 100 lbs of weight.

  • Comes with a padded handlebar that can be locked
  • Use 25 stretch bands instead of springs
  • The frame is made of durable steel
  • Comes with a padded mat
  • Polyethylene net will provide your toddler safety
  • For indoor use only
  • Can withstand only 100 lbs of weight
  • Net can be easily ripped

BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline - The Best Indoor/Outdoor Rebounder

The previous rebounder was a perfect addition for those who love practicing indoors and avoid sweating outside. However, the BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline is suitable for all types of workouts, indoors and outdoors.

At first glance, both Stamina and BCAN rebounders look alike, and so you might wonder why we couldn't have used the Stamina model for outside workouts. Well, it's got to do with two things - durability and stability of the trampoline.

This model has an incredibly strong frame that enables it to be used wherever; you can bring it with you when you go on a vacation and want to get a couple of workouts in. The steel is 3 mm thick, and it was tested to see how much it will take to see the first signs of wear. The answer was 3000 continuous jumps.

Another reason why it's great for outdoor use is the adjustable bar that improves the accuracy of your exercises and enables you to keep your balance on the trampoline. It can be adjusted from 2.6 inches to 3.5 inches, depending on your height and the type of workout you're doing at the moment.

Many rebounders are equipped with bungee cords for easier jumping without too much stress on the body. However, the bounce is not that great as opposed to spring trampolines, which is why this model is the best of both worlds. It has the size for a perfect workout session, and it has 32 closed springs that are easy to take out and clean.

It is pricier than the previous one, which is why it's a spot below it on our list. Still, it's a great model for those that love practicing all year long, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor use
  • 32 closed springs
  • Great bounce
  • Durability
  • Price

JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline - Best Rebounder Trampoline

As I already mentioned before, rebounders are trampolines mainly designed to be used for fitness. They have less bounce then all other types of trampolines. The JumpSport 350 has 39' in dimensions and around 32' is a jumping area with a 4-inch skirt.

The frame and six legs are made from 16 gauge steel, which contributes to the stability of the trampoline and allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises on it. Also, the frame is coated with a silver quality three-coat finish. The weight limit is 275 lbs. 

This model uses elastic cords instead of springs, so the bounce is softer. There are exactly 30 adjustable elastic cords, so you can easily adjust between 3 different types of tensions to fit your needs.

Padding mat is made from a material that is named Permatron, which is used for all professional rebounders because it will not rip apart or stretch. This trampoline is suitable for heavy users who want to lose some weight.

The trampoline is durable, but depending on usage, you can expect this rebounder to withstand from 9 months up to 4 years. If you are planning to use it daily, you must be aware that you will need a new one sooner than you think.

Assembling is easy, and you will get the manual with installation instructions, but the frame is non-foldable, so you will need a bit more space for storing it.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Very stable and durable
  • Permatron padding mat
  • Comes with 30 adjustable elastic cords and three tensions settings
  • Suitable for heavy users
  • The frame can’t be folded so it will require more space for storing
  • Life span from 9 months to 4 years depending on the use

Island Hopper 17' Water Bouncer - Best Water Trampoline

This is a unique type of trampoline that will, in my opinion, offer you the most fun if you have a place where to put it. They are intended to be used in lakes, rivers, and large pounds. So if you are a lucky owner of the property near the water, you should consider buying it.

The Island Hoppers are very expensive, so they come with the 5 years warranty and low maintenance costs after the warranty expires. The maximum weight capacity is 1000 lbs.

This trampoline has 13 ft of the jumping surface, and it is quite heavy and large. They are made from high-quality reinforced 1000-denier polymer that is very durable and flexible. The frame is made from galvanized steel for maximum safety. The padded mat is UV resistant and made from 0.5-inch thick foam and will provide some extra bounce. 

Assembling requires inflating, which can be difficult and is prone to deflating. On the side of the trampoline, you will find the aluminum ladders with four steps. One thing that can disappoint you is that you need to buy all the other accessories separately, which will cost you a lot.

  • 13 ft of jumping area
  • Made from high-quality reinforced PVC
  • The frame is built from galvanized steel
  • The padding mat is UV resistant
  • Comes with aluminum ladders
  • Hard to inflate and it is prone to deflating
  • Expensive
  • Additional accessories cost a lot, and you need to buy them separately

Types of Trampolines

best trampoline brands

The trampoline industry has grown a lot lately, so there is no surprise that today, you can find so many different shapes and sizes of this particular product. Each shape has its advantages.

You will see that those classic round ones are best for small kids because their shape provides less bounce and are generally the safest. Rectangular trampoline is perfect for large backyard models not only because they are spacious, but they also will provide the firm bounce.

So let me quickly introduce each type to you

1. Classic Round Model

This model is the most popular one. The frame offers equal absorption of jumping force all around the trampoline. This means you can choose a lightweight model, and it will provide enough strength and safety as some heavier oval or rectangular models.

These models are suitable for kids and inexperienced jumpers. 

2. Rectangular Model

This model is more suitable for experienced jumpers. They provide firm bounce and will let you reach greater heights. Because a rectangular trampoline absorbs more of the jumping force, the landing is softer than on other models.

Usually, rectangular models are pricier because they cost more to build. They need much more support because they are often in use in competitive jumping.

3. Square Model

This model is not so common. A square model combines all the good features from both round and rectangular. It offers a bigger jumping area and a bit higher bounce than rectangular models, but it will provide you with the safety of circular models.

So if you need a sturdy trampoline and you do not have enough space for a rectangular model, this is the perfect choice for you.

4. Rebounder

best trampoline accessories

These trampolines are designed explicitly for exercising. They are round, smaller in size, and designed with strong elasticity for less bounce.

5. Oval and Octagonal Models

These models are very similar to round ones. The difference is that they require more space because they have larger jumping surface and a bit higher bounce. This also means they need somewhat more effort when assembling.

6. Water Trampoline

These come in different shapes, but usually, they are round and large. They are inflatable, which means they can float on water and come with features like ladders, slides, and ramps.

Things to Consider When Buying a Trampoline

1. Frame

A good frame is an essential part of the trampoline. When you are out buying one, you must make sure the frame is sturdy and rust-free. That is the only way you can be sure your loved ones will avoid tragedies.

As I already mentioned, there are different kinds of trampolines, so accordingly to that, frames are different too. I recommend you to buy trampolines that are made from galvanized steel, so they are lightweight, rust-free and durable.

2. Weight

best trampoline for adults

Never ignore the weight limit on a trampoline. Firstly, you must be aware of how many people will be using the trampoline at the same time. 

They might look bulky and durable, but every trampoline has limits that are not allowed to be crossed, or you risk injuries.

3. Springs

Good quality and rust-free springs are a must when buying a trampoline. The bounce depends on the durability of the springs. Low-quality springs can cause many injuries.

So if you have doubts about the quality and durability of the springs on the trampoline you liked, it's better to look for another option.

4. Padding

Padding will provide additional safety and will prevent injuries in situations like arms and legs getting stuck between springs (yes, believe it or not, that might happen) or bad landings that result in cramps and fractures. 

Also, if you are buying a trampoline for your kids, make sure that your trampoline has a safety net to prevent falling off the trampoline.

5. Size

This entirely depends on how much space you have in your backyard or your indoor area. The next factor in the decision making process is the users (your children). If there’s more than two, a small trampoline just won’t do. So, pick accordingly.

6. Shape

best trampoline amazon

There are so many variabilities when we talk about shape. It is difficult to tell with certainty which one is the best. It starts with how much space you have. But I guarantee you that you can't go wrong if you buy a round type of trampoline. They are the most popular and will provide you a soft, deep bounce - a great option for indoor fun.

When considering buying a trampoline for your backyard, if you have enough space, it is always best to choose the rectangular model. Rectangular models have a firmer bounce than any other model. Better bounce - more fun!

6. Assembly

No one wants a product that will take ages to get assembled and ready for use. Every type of trampoline will require a few sets of firm hands to get the job done. Don't forget that more expensive models have easier assembly options.

7. Price

Well, we all are aware that if something costs more, not always necessarily means it is safer. Trampolines are a great source of fun, but they can easily break the bank. Most important is to pick the model that is safe for use by all costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trampolines worth the risk?

It almost always depends on the trampoline and its manufacturer.

However, there have been very few cases of injuries during jumping since trampoline manufacturers do everything they can to secure them and make them easy to use for all ages.

Why should every kid have a trampoline?

The first reason is obvious - it is loads of fun, and your child will be able to socialize with other kids that want to come over and jump with them.

Secondly, trampoline jumping is an excellent way for your child to do physical exercise and to develop their bones and physique, especially if they're younger.

Is a square trampoline better than a round trampoline?

Both have their pros, but it's usually considered that rectangle models are more durable and that round trampolines have more space for maneuvering. Also, round trampolines are better suited for physical exercises since the risk of jumping off the intended path is way lower than with square trampolines.

On the other hand, square trampolines are generally more expensive than round ones, so it's up to you. All we could say is that there is no right answer.

What is the best outdoor trampoline?

It depends on the user and the size. We're extremely fond of the Zupapa Trampoline for Kids model and the CalmMax Trampoline 10-Foot Round Trampoline for the adults.

What are the bounciest trampolines?

In general, the bounce of a trampoline is determined by two things - the quality of the jumping mat and the number and quality of the set of springs located underneath the mat. You'll find that there are some springless trampolines that are well built, but their bounce isn't as impressive as it would normally be with springs.

In terms of manufacturers, Skywalker, Zupapa, and Island Hopper have some of the bounciest models that we could encounter during our research.

Final Verdict

No matter what type of trampoline you are looking for, this article has you covered. I hope my comprehensive review convinced you that trampolines are fun and not dangerous at all if they are correctly used. Now it is time for me to pronounce the best trampoline on the market.

The decision was hard. But, there is only one winner, and that is CalmMax Trampoline 10-Foot Round Trampoline. This model is excellent, safe, and durable. Suitable for adults and kids and weather-proof.

If there is anything more you want to know and I didn't already cover it, please don't hesitate to ask me a question below. If you already owned some of these trampolines and you have something to add to my review, please do.

CalmMax 10FT Trampoline with Cover Recreational Trampolines with Ladder - ASTM Approval- Outdoor...*
  • 【Safety is NO.1】CalmMax's design philosophy is : Trampolines must be safer. CalmMax trampolines comply with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification for Components, Assembly, Use, and Labeling of Consumer Trampolines. You can rest assured that our safety material is among the best on the market for your family.
  • 【A Safe Enclosure for Safe Play】Safety and quality in backyard play is at the heart of everything we do. We have created a 6FT high and 360-degree net safety enclosure that is UV, fade resistant and resistant to tearing. Family fun and enjoying all that a CalmMax Trampoline has to offer.
  • 【Big Bounce Science】 Manufactured with EU standard Polypropylene bounce surface provides unmatched rebounding force. Our 10ft trampoline has been tested to 20,000 jumps. Mats are tested up to 5,000 hrs and can hold up to 400lbs.
  • 【Built With Durability in Mind】CalmMax trampoline heavy-duty steel frame components undergo a 3-layer rust-proofing and durability process. All metal trampoline components are galvanised inside and out with a hard-wearing zinc coating. Visible sections are finished with a UV-resistant coating to protect your trampoline from the sun and premature material fading for a longer life.
  • 【CalmMax stability Trampoline】The heavy galvanized springs provide superior bounce and rust resistant. All the springs are covered with thick and durable Blue PE+PVC foam pad, to protect your child from injury. 3 U-shaped big legs with 8 balanced contact points for better stability and safety.

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