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It's a common misconception that trampolines are made for children exclusively and that adults shouldn't waste their time on a trampoline. In fact, it's been proven that trampolines are excellent for development, physical health and that they offer a tremendous amount of fun to the user, whether it's an adult or a kid.

Therefore, it's no wonder that trampoline manufacturers have drifted away from the standard ideas of creating trampolines for children. Nowadays, you can find adult bouncers, rebounders, and trampolines for gymnastics.

We'll go over some of Amazon's best products in hopes of finding the best trampoline for gymnastics available right now. Stay with us and learn more information in the buyer's guide about gymnastics trampolines.


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Zupapa Trampolines No-Gap Design 1500 LBS Weight Capacity 16 15 14 12 10 8FT for Kids Children with...*
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Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure Net W/Spring Pad Ladder, 12 FT*
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The Best Trampolines For Gymnastics - Top 8 Amazon's Products

Zupapa Gymnastics Trampoline for Kids and Adults - The Best Overall

There's no greater feeling than finding the right thing you want to buy and finally having it delivered to your house. Trust us when we say that you'll feel that and more with the Zupapa Gymnastics Trampoline for Kids and Adults.

As we progress with the reviews, you'll see that the most salient factor that goes into gymnastics trampoline purchase is durability. Trampolines will often wear and tear due to everyday use and weight pressure, which is why it's crucial to get a trampoline that can withstand it all and exceed its capacity.

The Zupapa trampolines won't have you worried about any of that since the maximum weight limit is the incredible 425 lbs. It's more than enough for five to seven kids to jump at the same time or for three adults. Either way, you don't need to worry about damaging the springs, piercing through the jumping mat, or overloading it.

When it comes to safety, we can proudly say that this gymnastics trampoline has amazed us. Firstly, all Zupapa trampolines follow the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, which shows that each trampoline has no toxic materials in its composition and that they are perfectly safe to use because they follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

Moreover, the trampoline's frame has been hot-dip galvanized, which means that the steel frame has an extra layer of zinc that protects it against rust and makes it more durable in the long run. Also, the springs are galvanized, meaning you won't have to replace them in the near future.

Finally, the bounce is incredible. After going through customer reviews and testing it for ourselves, we can conclude that this one has the best bounce by far in comparison with the other ones. You won't even have to worry about jumping over the next since its height is set to 8.2 feet.

  • Galvanized steel frame and springs
  • ASTM standard
  • Maximum weight limit
  • Terrific bounce
  • /

Giantex Gymnastics Trampoline With An Enclosure Net - Runner-Up

The next gymnastic trampoline we have in store is the incredible Giantex Gymnastics Trampoline With An Enclosure Net that shows you don't have to invest a lot to get a quality product.

In order to perform gymnastic exercises and develop a safe routine on a trampoline, you'll have to get an enclosure net. It's a safety measure that keeps everything in place and helps you feel more secure and focused on the jumps.

Luckily, the Giantex Gymnastics Trampoline comes with its own enclosure system that is connected to the spring cover via steel tubes. They are set in place and won't budge under tremendous pressure. Also, having such a system doesn't create any gaps between the jumping mat and the enclosure net, so there isn't any pinch hazard.

In terms of design, this 12-foot trampoline has a round shape and a 144-inch length and width. It's a perfect circle bouncer that can withstand up to 375 lbs - not as good as the Zupapa trampoline, but it's still impressive, given the specifications of competitor trampolines.

Also, the stability of this gymnastics trampoline is top-notch, thanks to the four U-shaped legs that create the perfect balance and allow you to safely install this trampoline in your backyard. It won't move that easily under rough winds thanks to its own weight and the U-shaped legs.

It was hard deciding whether to place this one in first or second place, but the bounce was the overruling factor. It didn't hold up to the standards set by the Zupapa trampoline, but it's undeniably one of the best trampolines out there.

  • 375 lbs weight capacity
  • Stability
  • Four U-shaped legs
  • Quality safety net
  • Inferior bounce in comparison with the Zupapa trampoline

Skywalker Rectangle Jump N' Dunk Trampoline - The Best Rectangle Trampoline

If you already own a trampoline, you know that the standard size and design for these products are 12-foot round models. However, there are benefits that come from owning a rectangle trampoline, so let's check them out with the best one, the Skywalker Rectangle Jump N' Dunk Trampoline.

Since round trampolines are usually designed in a perfect circle and have the same length and width, they usually lack space for adults that plan on doing daily exercises. On the other hand, rectangular trampolines give you more width and space to maneuver around and do your gymnastic routine.

This one, in particular, has 15x9x9 dimensions with 92 square feet of jumping surface, which should be more than enough for an average adult. The weight limit is 250 lbs, so it's perfectly safe for performing any type of exercise without thinking whether it'll break or get damaged in the process.

It has the right materials that you'd normally expect to have in a quality trampoline; the jumping mat is made from polypropylene, and the frame and the springs are constructed from galvanized steel that gives them anti-corrosive properties.

Moreover, if you want to let your kids jump on the Skywalker trampoline, they'll enjoy it even more with the addition of a basketball hoop and a foam basketball that come in the package. It's isn't the most affordable trampoline out there, but it'll undoubtedly be worth every penny you spend.

It also features a patented no-gap enclosure net that minimizes any risks of injuries that can occur because of the gaps that form between the net and the jumping mat. This way, you'll feel safe knowing that your children are in good hands.

  • Rectangle trampoline with enclosure net
  • Safety features
  • Perfect for adults
  • A basketball hoop and a foam basketball
  • Rust-resistant
  • Expensive

Merax Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net - The Best for the Money

It's no secret that trampolines are expensive, and even though they'll last you for a long time, it's still a lot of money to cash out. Therefore, we have a budget pick for you that's not the average low-grade product. Here's the Merax Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net.

Naturally, you'll assume that the cheapest products have the lowest quality, and in many cases, you'll be right. However, the Merax Trampoline is a nice exception to the norm, thanks to its excellent build and phenomenal attributes.

It comes in four sizes and three attractive colors, but the quality does not change with the design. The frame and the springs are made from rust-resistant galvanized steel that's known for its anti-corrosive properties, and it makes every trampoline durable for outdoor use.

Even though the maximum weight limit is set to 300 lbs, you won't have to worry about its overall stability if you follow the manufacturer's guidelines. The Merax trampoline has six W-shaped legs that provide a stable base, and the enclosure net has five poles padded with foam with an addition of one UV-resistant pole for absolute protection.

Even though some trampolines are manufactured with bungee cords for extra bounce, the standard is a set of jump springs that are located beneath the jumping mat. In this case, there is a 72-set of robust and galvanized springs that will allow you to jump as high as you can imagine. We've tried it, and it was quite impressive, to say the least.

Now, since this is a budget pick, we have to note that the weight limit was a bit disappointing and the fact that this is not a trampoline you should buy for the long run. Still, it's more affordable than the previous ones, so it evens out.

  • Excellent stability
  • Quality build
  • UV-resistant pole
  • Budget pick
  • Weight limit
  • Durability in the long-run

Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline - The Best Heavy-Duty

If this is not the first trampoline article that you're reading, then you've probably heard about Galactic Xtreme. They have more than a few quality trampolines that are extremely demanded on the market, and this is one of them. Here's the Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline.

If you're focused solely on finding the perfect trampoline for gymnastics, this Galactic Xtreme product will prove to be even more than what you're searching for. It's a heavy-duty trampoline with 13x23 dimensions, but it comes in a couple of sizes for you to choose from, and it has enough space for you to perform as many gymnastic stunts as you want.

Since it's so robust and wide, you'd expect it to be stable and durable. Of course, it has the right material build and safety features that a premium gymnastics trampoline should have. Firstly, the frame is 3 mm thick, and the galvanization process was repeated twice for extra resistance. This way, no rust will find its way to the insides of this trampoline.

Consequently, due to the strength of the frame, the bounce is not affected by continuous use and prolonged damage. We had the opportunity to test it ourselves, and it's an amazing experience to be able to jump without worrying about safety. The enclosure net is quite supportive and won't break under pressure with ease.

As far as the negative sides go, you can assume the first one. It's way too expensive, even for a premium trampoline. Secondly, and this is not a deal-breaker, it's a bit hard to assemble, and it'll take you a couple of hours to finish. On the other hand, this is a backyard trampoline that'll stay in the place where you assembled it, so it's a one-time hassle.

Other than this, it's a fantastic outdoor trampoline for gymnastics that both you and your kids will appreciate.

  • Durability
  • Double-dipped galvanized steel
  • Thick and robust frame
  • Fantastic bounce
  • Expensive
  • The assembly process

Upper Bounce Fitness Trampoline - The Best Mini Trampoline for Gymnastics

If you're a professional gymnast, you won't find much purpose in this round trampoline. However, if you're a beginner and you're looking to get more fit and do some amateur workouts, the Upper Bounce Fitness Trampoline will be the perfect fit for you.

The frame size is only 44 inches, which means that this is the perfect mini trampoline for both indoor and outdoor use. Still, don't think that it's not safe simply because it's small because it passed the ASTM standards with flying colors and the safety features make this trampoline excellent for both kids and adults.

The surprising thing about it is that it'll take up to 220 lbs of weight pressure, despite its size. If you compare it with the previous trampolines, you'll see that the ratio of size and the weight capacity is more impressive than in any other product that we've reviewed.

The build is fantastic, and it consists of a steel frame, gauge steel springs, and a polypropylene jumping mat that can be folded for portability and easy storage. It doesn't have a safety enclosure net, but it can be purchased separately if you're buying this Upper Bounce trampoline for your kids.

Even though the lack of space can be troublesome for more advanced workout sessions, it's still great for beginner exercises since it has a great bounce that is perfect for competitive jumping. Also, the jumping mat has eight rows of stitching that make it extra durable and safe.

We did notice that the springs are not that durable due to the trampoline's size and constant weight pressure, but the replacement springs are not expensive, and it's probably better to invest in springs every now and then than to buy a brand new gymnastics trampoline.

  • The best mini trampoline
  • A perfect fit for beginners
  • The ratio of size and weight capacity
  • Cheap
  • Spring quality

Happy Gymnastics Trampoline For Kids and Adults - The Safest Trampoline for Gymnastics

One of the constant concerns that invade the minds of parents is the safety of their children while they're jumping on the trampoline. You won't have such problems with the Happy Gymnastics Trampoline For Kids and Adults.

Happy Trampoline is one of the biggest online trampolines stores, so it's not surprising that we have another product from their ranks, aside from the Galactic Xtreme trampoline. They also have many accessories in their repertoires, such as safety nets, springs, ladders, and jumping mats, so check it out and find what you need.

When it comes to this trampoline, the first thing we have to tell you is the peace of mind you'll get if you purchase it. The grade A jumping mat is made from permatron polypropylene, so you're practically ensured not to buy a new one for the next two decades. It can withstand and push through the harshest weather conditions, not to mention the blazing sun and the damage it usually causes to the average trampolines.

Moreover, it comes with extra equipment that you'll surely need, such as the enclosure net, spring pad cover, and a ladder for the kids. The safety net has a polyester mesh design, and it encircles the entire trampoline, thus preventing any freak injuries that would normally happen with a standard trampoline for gymnastics.

Similar to the Galactic Xtreme, it has a 3mm-thick frame made from quality steel that won't break or bend with ease. All in all, you won't find a safer trampoline on the market right now. The assembly instructions were troublesome, which is a negative. Aside from that, you'll only have to worry about the price but remember that you're paying for quality.

  • Permatron polypropylene jumping mat
  • Extra equipment
  • Safety features
  • Quality safety enclosure net
  • Assembly instructions

Best Trampoline USA Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline - The Best Commercial-Grade Trampoline

We've made it to the final trampoline review, and we'll finish the review part with another Galactic Xtreme trampoline that needs mentioning. It's the Best Trampoline USA - Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline.

The fascinating thing about this premium trampoline is the overall weight capacity it can hold. If we compare it with the previous trampolines, you'll see that they're no match since this Galactic Xtreme product can hold up to 1500 lbs - the weight of a car!

Even though it's astounding, it doesn't mean much if the construction of the trampoline is weak. Therefore, the creators behind this design ensured absolute stability with the three mm-thick trampoline frame that doesn't bend, break, or lose its potency over time. All in all, it's the perfect outdoor trampoline for the entire family over the summer.

Also, Galactic trampolines are famous for their non-abrasive jumping mats that can practically last you up to twenty years with regular care. All of their products and accessories have passed the ASTM standard requirements, so there's no place for worry there.

This trampoline is quite straightforward, so we won't bother you with any details regarding the size and weight limitations. The essential part you should know is that it's huge and well supported with 124 springs that offer superior bounce. So, why isn't it in the first place?

If we disregard the price, the biggest flaw we have to notice is the safety net that is not equal in quality as the rest of the trampoline parts. Sure, you can replace it with a better one, but it's disappointing that you'll invest a large sum into a trampoline just to get a low-tier safety net.

  • The best 10×23 rectangle trampoline
  • ASTM standard
  • 124 springs for superior bounce
  • 1500 lbs weight capacity
  • Excellent PP jumping mat
  • Low-quality safety net

The In and Outs of the Best Trampoline for Gymnastics - Buyer's Guide

It might look to an innocent observer that all trampolines look alike and that there probably isn't any difference between two similar products.

Even though that might be the case with some cheaper and low-quality models, trampolines for gymnastics have some key traits that separate them.

Therefore, you ought to know what you're looking for, and that's why we've prepared this buyer's guide.

Stick with us, and we'll give you some insight into what makes a trampoline for gymnastics the best when compared to competitor models.

1. Bounce

best rectangle trampoline for gymnastics

It's no secret that gymnasts require a lot of space for maneuverability. Consequently, your new trampoline needs an excellent bounce to be able to perform. Generally, the quality of the bounce is determined by two factors - the quality of the jumping mat the number of springs located beneath the jumping mat.

When it comes to the mat, the standard design has polypropylene polymer that's known for resilience and protection properties. It's often used for packaging due to its conservative nature. You'll probably encounter different types of jumping mats, but it's best to stick with PP jumping mats as they're the best ones.

Still, the most important part of the bounce is determined by the quality and the number of springs that the trampoline possesses. Also, it's common that the springs are the first to get damaged after you've owned a trampoline for some time, so you should pay attention to their quality beforehand. The best trampolines have galvanized steel springs, which are basically steel springs with a layer of zinc that's used for protection against rust.

There are multiple sets of springs that you can use - stainless steel ones, fiberglass, or metallic ones. Either way, you won't make a mistake if you choose any of them, except if you go for bungee cords. They are great for smaller trampolines, but the larger ones require more durability, which you'll get with steel springs.

2. Safety

Trampolines can be quite dangerous for kids and younger adults if they don't have the right equipment, and the same goes for gymnasts. Therefore, you should put some extra thought into finding the safest trampoline for gymnastics, and you'll achieve that by focusing on two main details - the quality of the safety enclosure net and frame durability.

A good safety enclosure net usually has multiple rows of stitches for reinforcement, and it's made from polyethylene - a lightweight plastic material that's used for packaging that has excellent durability and overall resilience.

The frame should be a wide one with padded borderlines and reinforced with foam-filled poles that add extra stability to the trampoline. Anything less than this shouldn't be in consideration if you're going for the safest choice.

best mini trampoline for gymnastics

3. Warranty

Trampolines for gymnastics are expensive, so it's not surprising that you should find the best warranty for the parts and the overall product.

The best warranty papers are usually given by the best manufacturing companies for the frame and the poles, which is generally between 10-15 years. Other parts will be ensured for somewhere between 3 and 5 years, so keep that in mind before purchasing a new trampoline for gymnastics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best trampoline for gymnastics?

A lot of trampolines can be used for gymnastics purposes, but there aren't many products that are targeted for gymnastics specifically.

After a lot of digging, we can safely say that the best one is the Zupapa Gymnastics Trampoline for Kids and Adults.

It's universal and can be used by adults and kids, it has enough space for maneuverability, and the bounce is terrific. Practically, it has everything that you could ask for.

Are circle or rectangle trampolines better?

Both are fantastic in their own regard, so there isn't a definitive answer.

Basically, round trampolines have the same length and width, so the jumping surface is evenly balanced on all sides, and there's no way you'll drift and hit the edge that easily.

On the other hand, rectangle trampolines have more width, which might make them more suitable for gymnastics due to extra space on the sides.

Do trampolines help with tumbling?

YES, and that's exactly why you should invest in one if you're a cheerleader or if you're practicing martial arts.

They are fantastic for backflips, handstands, or tucks because they have an extremely low risk of injuries.

Is a trampoline good for gymnastics?

best garden trampoline for gymnastics

It depends on the model in question, but if the jumping area is large enough and if the trampoline has quality parts, the answer is an absolute YES.

In fact, trampolines are usually targeted at gymnasts because they can practice in a safe environment.

What age should you start trampolining?

You shouldn't let your kids go on larger trampolines if they're very young, but that's why there are many kid trampolines on the market.

If we're talking about the standard 12-foot model, you should probably consider letting them jump with supervision when they turn 5.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

After a lot of digging, we can say with confidence that the best trampoline for gymnastics award goes to the Zupapa Gymnastics Trampoline for Kids and Adults. It's the best universal trampoline that fits all criteria that a gymnast should look into.

Also, it's not a bad idea to consider products such as the Giantex Gymnastics Trampoline With An Enclosure Net and the Skywalker Rectangle Jump N' Dunk Trampoline due to their extreme quality and resilience.

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