How Much Weight Will You Lose After 1 Month of Playing Trampoline?

Jumping on a trampoline is one of the most exhilarating ways of spending your free time. As you rebound into the air after the spring action, you are filled with pure joy. Just watch kids do it and then you will realize how much fun and laughter they usually have. 

Although playing a trampoline is often regarded as a children’s activity, there is no harm in you relieving those frantic childhood memories. For an adult, there is an added benefit of a weight loss as a result of burning calories in the course of play.

Adding a using a trampoline to your daily routines, therefore, makes you have more calorie usage than intake, hence a calorie deficit after a while. But how much weight will you lose after 1 month of playing trampoline? That is the answer this article will try to answer today.

How to Lose Weight on a Trampoline

Trampoline parks are popping up a lot these days and for very good reasons. Their popularity as ways of losing weight is increasing. In fact, studies in an article from show that when you play a trampoline for about 10 minutes, you would have burned almost the same amount of calories as you would have during a 30 minutes’ jog. 

Better still, using a trampoline does not hurt as jogging does. When you go jogging, you pound up and down a hard concrete surface, which increases the impact on your body joints. On its part, using a trampoline provides a subtler way of losing weight, reducing the impacts felt by 80 percent. 

If you have a mini trampoline at home, then exercising on it is a low impact way of losing weight. Essentially, jumping on a trampoline is unlike other exercising such as sit-ups that isolate muscle groups. You lose fat from all over the body, including the tummy. 

How much weight will you lose after 1 month of playing trampoline

Here is a workout routine that I believe can work out for you at home with your mini trampoline. 

1. Turn On Your Favorite Workout Music

To help you maintain your tempo when working out, turn on your favorite music. Alternatively, you could play the trampoline as you watch your favorite show on TV, more so if you have a mini trampoline. 

Whatever TV show or music you have on, ensure it does not distract you, but rather help you keep in control. Otherwise, you might fall off the trampoline if you get distracted even for a second. 

2. Start Bouncing off Light

Don’t go all intense on the trampoline from the moment go. Start by bouncing off lightly while landing both of your feet land simultaneously. Do this for about five minutes as you keep the jumps short. Having your feet closer to the trampoline surface helps your body warm up. 

At this stage, push your heels into the trampoline as you tighten your abdominal muscles. Keep your shoulders down, laid back, and relaxed. Practice maintaining a good workout posture that you will maintain throughout. 

3. Raise a Knee at a Time

To get your heartbeat up to speed as you increase the tempo of the workout, raise a knee up to your waist. Alternate the knee you raise for about 4 minutes. It gives the feel of jogging, but on a trampoline. Gain more intensity by swinging your arm alternately with the leg that you raise. 

4. Add More Complexity to Your Workout

While maintaining the same moderate pace, make your arm movements more complex. In one step, raise the arms above your head, then in the next step, bend your arms such that they rest in front of your face. 

Subsequently, raise the arms to full extension on your side. During the next jogging step, bring your arms near your face as you continue with the alterations. You can do this for about 4 minutes or so. 

5. Raise Your Jumping Height

Push up things a little by pressing your heels more into the trampoline mat as you jump upwards. As you jump higher than before, tuck your knees such that at the highest position you jump, your thighs lie parallel to the floor.

To burn more calories than in the previous step, tighten your core so that you lose more abdominal fat. Proceed by raising your hands to form a sort of V-shape above the head while you jump. Do the tucking and v jumps for about two minutes. 

6. Work Your Oblique Muscles

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A complete workout involves working as many muscles as possible. By twisting your body from side to side, front to back, then stabilizing yourself in the course of a jump, you achieve an almost whole body workout. The more muscles you work, the more fat you lose.

7. Switch to Jumping Jacks

If you are playing a mini trampoline, then you need to approach this step with caution. As you jump, raise your hands to the inverted V-shape while spreading your legs. As you land back on the mat, put your legs back together as your hands land on your side.

A larger trampoline requires less precaution than a smaller one when ensuring you land at the center of the trampoline. 

8. Slow Down the Tempo

As you come to an end of the workout, ease the jumping back to the two feet and alternating jumps you started with. In this way, you aid your body in cooling down before you stop. 

The relationship between using a trampoline and Weight Loss

Weight loss depends on a simple principle: The amount of calories burned exceeds that which you consume. It would be pointless to consume more calorie-rich foods while working out moderately then expecting to lose weight. Other factors such as metabolic functions come into play too. 

Playing on a trampoline expends calories depending on how long your workout session is, your calories consumption and regularity of jumping. However, on average, a 150-pound person can burn close to 240 calories by jumping on a trampoline for an hour.

Once you have figured out how many calories you burn in any activity, you can easily determine your expected weight loss. Averagely, 1 pound of fat gives your body about 3,500 calories worth of energy. Therefore, if you burn this number of calories, say in a week, then you lose 1 pound in weight. 

How long does it take to shed weight while using a trampoline?

Let’s say you keep your diet the same, burning 200 calories per hour of playing a trampoline sheds you the 1 pound in approximately 2 ½ weeks. This figure is based on the assumption that you trampoline for an hour every day. It then translates to about 2 pounds in a month. Many men are also using gynexin to help get read of any extra fat on their breast, See this Gynexin review.

Of course, these figures vary from person to person, with some people even burning 1,000 calories in an hour of a trampoline workout. This is in accordance with a study done by NASA. 

That would translate to about 8 pounds in a month. This figure would be extreme and pushing you to the limits. 

Using this method to predict weight loss is easier, but other factors have to be considered. An example is your basal metabolic rate which refers to how many calories your body burns when carrying out normal functions such as breathing 

Even at rest, you would still be burning calories, depending on your body weight. As the ratio of muscle to fat increases, your body then becomes more efficient in burning calories as you play a trampoline. 


Playing on a trampoline is an excellent low impact way of losing extra body weight. Nonetheless, it is also one of the ways of ending up in the emergency rooms if not done right. Although the number is still low, there have been reports of injuries when jumping on a trampoline. 

To avoid falling victim, always practice safe rebounding on a trampoline. As I stated earlier on, start with low key jumps as you intensify the sessions. Small jumps and hops are great for a start. Then be mindful of how high you jump. 

Maintain a comfortable, stable height. Since the mat is unstable most of the time, your focus on stability is key if you plan on avoiding that ER trip. There are also tons of trampoline accessories for a safer workout. 

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