The Best Trampoline Exercise Benefits – You Will Want One After This Article

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I'm sure many of you think that the trampoline is a prop reserved for kids only.

That is an absolutely wrong statement.

Trampolining isn't just fun exercise for kids anymore. There are so many fitness and health benefits of bouncing and exercising on the trampoline every day. And why we overlook these benefits? Just because someone once convinced us it is not age-appropriate.

Did you know that jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes is almost equivalent to running a mile? So if jogging became boring to you, rebounding could be a great replacement. It will not only help you to tone your body (mainly legs, thighs, and glutes); it will also improve your coordination and help you boost your overall health. So this article today is dedicated to trampoline exercise benefits.


Reinvent Exercising: Trampoline Exercise Benefits

mini trampoline exercise benefits

Rebounding is a whole-body low-impact type of exercise. This is a unique form of exercise that will provide a weightless state to your body at the top of each jump. This shift in gravity will significantly benefit to every muscle in your body.

If you still need more persuading to include a trampoline in your everyday exercise routine, let me start by listing some of the health benefits.

#1. Losing Weight and Reducing Body Fat

According to NASA studies, the person who weighs 150 pounds will burn more calories jumping on the rebounder for an hour than jogging for the same amount of time. Jumping on the trampoline is a metabolic-supporting exercise, meaning you can breathe comfortably during the exercise at a moderate pace. This is great because you won't expose your metabolism to a higher level of stress, but at the same time, you will improve your posture and tone your body.

During the rebounding, you will benefit from detoxification, which will contribute to fat loss. This way, you will increase the muscle-to-fat ratio. If you jump on the trampoline regularly, you will stimulate the vestibule in your middle ear and significantly improve your balance.

#2. Improving Cardiovascular System

Rebounding will increase your blood circulation, pulse rate, and pump the oxygen through your body more effectively, and that will make you feel more energetic and alert. So it's not hard to figure out why early morning rebounding sessions are highly recommended.

Also, you will reduce blood pooling in the veins and prevent chronic edema. While rebounding, your veins and arteries will contract and move blood more effectively through the body and back to the heart, so this will help reduce blood pressure.

If you are suffering from varicose veins, frequent rebounding is highly recommended for you. As I already said, rebounding will increase blood circulation, which will reduce the pressure on your veins and minimize the pain and inflammation in ill-affected parts of veins.

#3. Improving Lymphatic Flow and Reduce Cellulite

small trampoline exercise benefits

The lymphatic system is a network built from tissues and organs that allows your body to get rid of toxins. But the tricky part is that the lymphatic system relies on our body movements to increase the lymph flow.

So as I already mentioned, when you exercise on the rebounder, your whole body will work out, and that will cause the lymphatic valves to open and close. This will enhance the lymph flow almost fifteen times! Increased lymphatic circulation will allow fluids to collect more waste products, bacteria, damaged cancerous cells, excess hormones, and improve the drainage in the lymphatic vessels.

Rebounding will trigger your thyroid gland to start cleaning itself and lymphatic system from stored fat, which will help eliminate cellulite. Also, your endocrine system will greatly benefit from the increased lymphatic flow.

#4. Improving the Immune System

The most important thing in the immune system is the lymphatic system. Rebounding will boost the production of the white blood cells in the red bone marrow. Those white blood cells are called lymphocytes, and they are the main defense mechanism against infections in the body.

Increased lymph flow will deliver lymphocytes faster to the tissues that need repairing. So improving your lymphatic system will boost your immune system and prevent inflammatory effects. 

#5. Strengthening the Skeletal System and Increasing Bone Mass

rebounder trampoline exercise benefits

NASA studies show that increased G force enhances bone density. Increased bone density will prevent diseases like osteoporosis. Also, if you exercise on the trampoline daily, you will strengthen your ligaments, joints, and tendons, which can help you reduce the chances of suffering from arthritis.

The G force produced by rebounding will not put so much pressure on your joints, like many other cardiovascular forms of exercise. So you will be able to exercise longer and risk-free. 

#6. Increase Mitochondrial Production and Cell Energy

While you rebound, your body will demand some extra energy. This will result in an increased mitochondrial count in your body cells, and that leads to producing more cell energy.

So after you finish your rebounding, your metabolism will continue to use energy and burn calories even while you are resting.

#7. Improves Mental Health and Sleep Quality

We all know that any kind of exercise is excellent for releasing from everyday stress. Also, it will tire you up, which will be very beneficial to the quality of your sleep. During exercise, your body raises the level of endorphins. This will make you feel relaxed, happier, and more self-confident.

And after all, jumping on the trampoline will reminisce all those childhood memories that will help you maintain your spirit young.

Is Trampoline Good For Weight Loss?

Are you tired of trying to lose some weight, and you keep failing because you are low on your motivation and get bored quickly? Well, I'm here to offer you a new solution – trampoline rebounding.

Rebounding is one of the best ways to lose some excess fat. The most important thing is that rebounding is low-impact exercise meaning it will put less pressure on your joints, tendons, and vertebrae, so it is suitable for heavyweight people.

You feel so liberating when jumping on the trampoline - it just makes you feel like you are playing around. Honestly, do you know anyone who claims that jumping on the trampoline isn't fun? Few studies show how people who see exercise as an obligation eat more and feel more fatigued than people who enjoy physical activity as their fun pastime.

trampoline exercise class benefits

So, as long as you don't treat exercise as an obligation and see it only as a great way to have a fun pastime, you will be on your way to successfully lose weight.

1. How Rebounding on the Mini-trampoline Burns Excess Fat?

The main principle of losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. You can achieve this by eating less fatty food and processed carbs and increase intake of lean proteins, veggies, and whole grains. Now, after you settle up your dietary plan, you need to start working out.

You need to include cardio exercises and strengthen your muscles, so they start consuming more energy. This is where rebounding on a mini trampoline will help you out. It will increase your heart rate while at the same time, it will strengthen your muscles and bones.

To perform a jump, your core must tighten and release, which will shape your abdomen muscles with ease. Continuous repeating will shape your legs, thighs, and glutes and make them burn more fat during your rest period.

2. How to Workout on the Mini Trampoline?

exercise benefits of mini trampoline

Every start is rough. So when you decide to start rebounding, make sure you buy the rebounder that will fit your needs the best. If you are afraid that you will bounce off of your trampoline easily and hit the floor or the furniture, make sure you buy a model with a safety bar you can hold. Always place your trampoline as far as you can from any furniture to prevent injuries.

Here I will list you a few exercises you need to do if you are a complete newbie.

  • Warm-up - Always warm up before you start exercising. Step on your rebounder and start shifting weight from one leg to another. Slowly start bouncing and moving your arms as you do.
  • Jumping Jacks - Perform jumping jacks while bouncing. All you need to do is to jump up, pushing your arms and legs outward.
  • Hop Squats - Place your shoulders and legs width apart. While bending your knees, drop your weight at a ninety-degree angle just like you are trying to sit in the chair. Hop while getting up, and bounce off your trampoline!
  • Bunny Hops - Perform series of small hops on the spot by using your toes, calf, and thigh muscles. Keep your arms bent at the elbows all the time and make sure you keep your knees soft as you land.
  • Oblique Twist - This exercise is great for defining your waist. Every time you jump, twist your hips on one side and your shoulders on the opposite side.
  • Jump and Jog - These don't need any explanation - jump and jog on the spot for at least 5 minutes each day to work on your balance and posture.

Star exercising light between 5 and 10 minutes per day at the start after you can gradually increase the time as you start building up your strength and condition. You can even add interval HIIT exercising to boost up burning calories.

Is Trampoline Good For Preventing And Treating Some Diseases And Which Ones?

benefits of using exercise trampoline

Jumping will keep your body in shape, there is no doubt about it. But there is much more than just a physical appearance. If you spend just a few minutes per day jumping on the trampoline, you will help your body fight and prevent some of the most vicious diseases.

Rebounding will stimulate your digestive system and improve your bowel function, which will help to fight and prevent obesity. This is very important because obesity is directly related to heart diseases (like high blood pressure or stroke), some types of cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

Mental health is essential, but unfortunately, we aren't able to recognize mental conditions on time until it becomes too late. 

Jumping on a trampoline can prevent and reduce some diseases like depression and SDP by producing neurochemicals like adrenalin, endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin. These natural chemicals will make your brain more alert and put it in a state of excitement. Rebounding will also improve and strengthen social skills, which is very important for people that suffer from depression.

Osteoporosis and arthritis can make your life a living hell. Strong and healthy joints and bones will help you prevent or even fight these illnesses. You need to be persistent and start rebounding daily, and it will make your everyday life with these conditions much more comfortable.

Here I will list all types of diseases that can benefit from rebounding.

  • Heart Diseases - Preventing strokes, hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiac hypertrophy (thickening of the heart muscle), reduce inflammation of varicose veins.
  • Lung Diseases - rebounding will increase lung capacity, so people who suffer from lung diseases will benefit from it as they will provide more oxygen to their body cells.
  • Obesity
  • Mental Diseases like depression (producing adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin) or SDP (sensory processing disorder).
  • Osteoporosis and Arthritis


exercise benefits of trampoline

I am sure that by now all of you are aware that rebounding on a trampoline every day will highly benefit your overall health condition. You don't need to spare more than 5 minutes a day to make great changes in your life. Working out on a trampoline is easy, and what I like the most is that it is suitable for everyone.

So if you are trying to find a practical yet fun way to include exercise in your daily routine, I will highly recommend you to consider buying a trampoline.

No matter if you choose to exercise on an indoor or outdoor trampoline, you can be sure that it will provide countless hours of fun and workout that will help you keep your body and mind in check.

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