What is the Relationship between Trampolines and your Health?

You have probably been thinking that trampolines belong solely to children for play. However, they are appropriate for use by people of all ages and with almost all health conditions. For your health, a trampoline allows you to rebound. I would say that jumping on a trampoline is the best kind of exercise formed by human beings. 

It probably seems like just jumping but the up-down motion puts all your muscles and body cells into action and you still get tons of fun. Read on and learn about the relationship between trampolines and your health. You will certainly join us in jumping up and down for a healthy you. 

What is the relationship between trampolines and your health

Health Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline

  • Strengthening each and every cell in your body.

Rebounding engages all cells in your body through your up and down movements. The gravitational force applied on each cell in your body causes the cells to adjust to the load increment. 

This causes the cells to become stronger and the mitochondria function improves too. Strong cells perform harmoniously and optimally, giving you robust health and strength to go about your daily duties. 

  • Aids in improving coordination, balance and posture.

It is not only kids who get to perfect the art of maintaining balance, coordination and posture when they use their little tikes trampolines. Regular rebounding on the ultimate trampoline stimulates your inner ear canal and ocular nerves. 

This stimulation then helps your body to have the ability to react quickly. This is particularly helpful for the elderly people since they can easily avoid a fall which would have a terrible life-long impact. For athletes with ankle sprains, jumping on a trampoline helps them to regain and improve on their balance.  

  • Ideal exercise for weight loss

Frequently jumping on the trampoline comes in handy for you if you are seeking to shed some calories or if you are a keen weight watcher. The simple and exciting act of jumping on the trampoline increases the rate of metabolism which leads to effective burning of calories. If you already have a weight loss plan, it will do you so much good to add in some trampoline time. 

  • Jumping for gut health and improved digestion

The up and down movements as you jump on a trampoline lead to a rhythmic motion that results in the relaxation and contraction of muscles. Improved peristalsis enables the body to process nutrients into the body as well as to absorb them efficiently. This is ideal for individuals with weaker digestive systems. 

  • Strengthens ligaments and joints.

Jumping on the trampoline offers workout that is good enough to strengthen your ligaments and joints. The rebounds will help you avoid suffering fractured bones and osteoporosis. Patients suffering from arthritis ought to try the trampoline workouts to gain stronger joints and ligaments. 

what is the relationship between trampolines and your health

  • Improves lung capacity and intake of oxygen.

Oxygen is crucial for the proper functioning of all body parts since it is a vital nutrient. Jumping on the trampoline aids in the circulation of oxygen in the body to increase the amount of energy produced. Increased oxygen in the body enhances its resistance against rogue cells and disease causing germs that are likely to attack you. 

  • Enhances immunity to keep off diseases and infections.

The G-force brought about by jumping on a trampoline increases the lymphocyte activity within the body. A ten minutes jump on the trampoline triples the amount of white blood cells in your body and keeps them in that level till an hour later. 

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The lymphatic system performs the role of transporting the white blood cells to all parts of the body to boost the immune system. With a strong immune system, your body can easily fight infections and prevent you from getting illnesses. 

  • Improves lymphatic circulation to aid in detoxification.

Every day we live, we are exposed to environmental pollutants as well as toxins in the air we breathe together with the food and water we consume. Frequently jumping on the trampoline will aid in cleaning your lymphatic system which removes toxins from your body. 

Detoxification prevents your body from critical metabolic conditions and rampant infections. Many toxins in your body make you more prone to infections. 

  • It is an exercise that makes you less prone to injuries.

As you jump on a trampoline, the impact is less since you land on a flexible surface. Unlike other forms of workouts such as running and jogging which lead to high impact with the ground, you are less likely to sustain on your joints at the knees, hips and ankles. 

  • Enhances cardiovascular fitness

All the time you will be having fun as you jump on the trampoline, you will increase the rate at which you breathe. This will in turn increase the rate of your heart beat. It is recommended that an adult gets a weekly 150 minutes of exercise of moderate intensity to enhance heart health. Jumping on the trampoline guarantees you enough exercise to enhance your cardiovascular health. 

  • A good stress reliever

Jumping on a trampoline is too much fun and thus has been strongly related to reducing depression. Just like any other form of exercise, jumping on a trampoline will relieve your stress and improve your mood. So, if you have just had a bad day, get on that trampoline and jump your stress out. 


I am certain that you finally found a reason that will make you put some effort in jumping on the trampoline. Trampolines offer fun work out and besides that, jumping on a trampoline has plenty of health benefits. The simple and fun exercise will keep you fit by reducing the calories, enhance oxygenation of cells and muscles, improve your heart health, improve your immunity and digestive system and enhance detoxification. 

Personally, I enjoy jumping from the front to the back of my round trampoline. It gives me a feeling of relaxation. Trust me; every time I can’t get something nagging off my mind, several intense on my trampoline just lighten up my mood. 

I have no doubt that you can now relate the relationship between trampoline and health. Add it to your daily work-out schedule and accrue the lucrative health benefits. 

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