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If you haven't tried it, you've probably been in a situation where you considered going to a paintball field or an airsoft arena. They are amazing competitive games for kids and adults, but they always carry a risk of injury or, at least, hurting yourself.

On the other hand, in 1979, infrared technology started blossoming, and the US army even used infrared equipment for combat training. It quickly evolved and ended, giving birth to one of the most famous games today, laser tag.

It's a fantastic game that doesn't require much preparation, and, most importantly, there's no way of hurting yourself with laser guns. Nowadays, there are too many laser tag sets and equipment for sale, so we decided to narrow it down a bit and allow you to find the best laser tag set out there.

Let's see some of the products that are absolutely dominating the market and learn more about them along the way.


Top 3 Recommendations

The Best Laser Tag Sets and Guns on the Market - Top 9 Reviews

ArmoGear Laser Tag - The Best Overall

One of the greatest feelings from playing laser tag is the immersion into an imaginary world that makes all children feel like superheroes. Nothing can beat the experience that the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set brings to the table.

This is by far the most advanced laser tag set that you can get your hands on. You can quickly turn your yard into a professional laser tag arena with the four infrared vests and laser tag guns that can be used by kids and adults. No, don't get embarrassed because adults can play this epic game as well!

The ArmoGear set is completely safe, and infrared light cannot hurt you or cause any sort of illness to the users, so feel free to jump around the house or the yard and prosper as a victor in this exciting game.

The guns and the vests are equipped with some fancy and cool features to make the game more exciting. For example, there's the invisibility mode that turns off the lights on the gun to make you a stealthy hunter in the night for 15 seconds. The voice-guided prompts will shut down while the invisibility mode is activated as well, so you can ambush your prey with ease!

The accuracy is incredible, and you can even shoot a target from a 200 feet distance. You'll know you've hit the mark when the vibration kicks in. Since the laser tag blasters and vests are connected, you can know precisely how many life points your opponent has due to the vibrations.

You'll feel like you're in a virtual FP video game with the four unique weapons that the ArmoGear laser tag set has to offer - the rocket launcher, machine gun, pistol, and shotgun. All in all, it's very affordable, and 24 AAA batteries are the only investment you'll have to put in. Aside from that, we really cannot praise the set enough.

  • Night vision flashlight
  • Invisibility mode
  • Vibrations
  • Four weapon modes
  • /

Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set - The Best Premium Laser Tag Set

Next up is a great laser tag set that's on par with the previous one. It's also the only premium set we have on this list, so let's get on with the Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set review.

The most innovative feature that this deluxe laser tag set offers is the charging station for the guns and the vests. Generally, laser tag guns and vests have Li-Ion batteries that drain a lot of power and require frequent changing. In this set, however, you'll receive an authentic charging station for your guns and vests to quickly recharge and get on with the laser tag battle!

Moreover, the equipment is quite innovative and has practical features that make the game a lot easier. For example, the team data, scores, and lives are all synced up between the guns and the vests, so you can check it on the LCD screen at any moment during the fight.

Another characteristic of a well-made laser tag set is the four-weapon mode that enables you to quickly swap between some of your favourite guns, including the all-powerful rocket launcher and the piercing laser.

The set can support up to four teams and offer a wholly synchronized game to enhance the gameplay and offer an authentic laser tag experience. Also, we shouldn't forget to tell you that Squad Hero's customer service is absolutely incredible and that this laser tag set has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's a safe laser tag game with an abundance of added features for maximum enjoyment and innovative perks. What's more to want?

On the other hand, it is the most expensive set you'll see on this list, so make sure that this is the product you want. Personally, we didn't bat an eye when it came to buying this epic laser tag gun set.

  • Four gun modes
  • Charging station
  • LCD screens
  • Excellent customer service
  • Night vision flashlight
  • Expensive

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set - The Budget Pick

Even though the laser tag guns are not that expensive, you probably don't like the idea of giving away more money than you have to. Therefore, here's our budget pick, the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set.

Generally, the premium laser tag products come with a set of guns and vests that function thanks to the infrared signal emission that enables all the fun. However, vests are not necessary to have the full experience - the Kidzlane laser tag guns have a built-in receiver at the front of each firearm that's wide enough to recognize and receive the infrared light and let you know when you've been shot.

The receiver collects the laser beams, which disperse around inside and notify you when you've lost a life. Each gun has a life bar and team-select indicator that tracks the progress without having to wear vests that make it a bit harder to run and hide.

The guns are set to vibrate each time you shoot an opponent or when you've been shot. Also, it can detect infrared beams from a 130-feet distance, which is incredible for a budget pick that you can buy for an excellent price.

We know that a lot of parents worry about the possible ramifications that could ensue from using infrared laser tag guns, and if these guns weren't safe, we wouldn't be reviewing them. The infrared signal that these guns emit is less than 1 mW, and they are certified as safe to use for all children by all standards.

The downside of owning these guns is obvious - they're not at the same level as the previous ones. They have fewer features and options than you'd expect, but that's why it's so affordable. Also, it's perfect for children up to six years since they're so easy to use.

  • A built-in infrared receiver
  • A life bar and team-select indicator
  • 130-feet shooting distance
  • Affordable
  • Fewer features than the premium sets

Best Choice Products Infrared Laser Beam Guns - The Best for Kids and Adults

People won't laugh at you if you're older and you're interested in laser tag. In fact, there is a vast number of adults around the world playing laser tag and even engaging in competitive play. Therefore, here's a set that's perfect for both adults and kids, the Best Choice Products Infrared Laser Beam Guns.

You'll notice first off that these guns are not the classic $1 products you can find on AliExpress that break in two weeks time. They are quality-made and have a solid grip that makes you feel like you're holding a real gun.

The laser blasters light up each time you shoot and vibrate each time you get hit. Similarly to the previous set, they can be used without vests, but you can also purchase them separately if you're a fan of laser tag vests. Either way, you're up for a great deal of fun.

You can choose between four-gun modes where each ammo mode produces authentic blaster sounds based on the weapon you chose. Personally, we're big fans of the Missile Launch, but you can also select between Submachine, Scatter, and Hand Blaster.

Also, other Best Choice Products are compatible with this set, meaning you can buy additional packs and match them to create some existing spinoff laser tag games such as Capture the Flag or the Action Hero. To make things more realistic, the designers have also added a mechanical reload button and the obligatory life indicator.

Overall, it's one of the best sets that money can buy right now. However, some customers have complained about the overall durability of these guns as they don't seem to last too long. Luckily, they are incredibly affordable, making them a lovely birthday present that you don't have to worry about breaking - when it's toasted, go out and buy a new set!

  • Sound effects and vibrations
  • Four gun modes
  • Perfect for adults and children
  • Different laser tag games
  • Affordable
  • Overall durability

TINOTEEN Laser Tag Vests and Guns - The Best for Young Children

Even though shooting guns may not be the best thing you want your toddlers to be doing, it's a great exercise for the body, and it helps your children grow in a fun way. You can even run around the house and play with them. Without further ado, here's one of the best home laser tag sets for young kids, the TINOTEEN Laser Tag Vests and Guns.

Having a home laser tag set is an excellent investment, especially if you can use it both indoors and outdoors. That's usually dictated by the distance that the infrared beams can travel between the guns, which should be above 100 feet to work correctly. Luckily, this product can offer you a 150-feet shooting distance, which is ideal for playing laser tag outdoors.

Furthermore, you can include the whole family since the guns are interconnected and can offer you four-team arenas for ultimate fun. Pick between four unique weapons - the pistol, rocket launcher, machine gun, and shotgun to prove your superiority over the rest of the household.

Don't worry about safety since the infrared waves have low potency and will not cause any harm. Plus, the guns are made from environment-friendly materials and are easy to use. What's more to want?

It's an excellent gift for the younglings to help them fill out the rainy days, but they'll also serve as a perfect weekend backyard action game. Also, remember you're never too old to play with guns, even as an adult.

Aside from the fact that they don't have too many features, the other downside is that there's no automatic shut-off feature, which is kind of important since the batteries will drain quickly. Still, it's a fantastic infrared laser tag set that you should own.

  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Not expensive
  • Excellent for younglings
  • Environment-friendly materials
  • No automatic shut-off feature

MESIXI Fully-Stacked Laser Tag Set - The Best Complete Set

If you weren't too impressed by the number of accessories that the previous laser tag sets offered, wait until you see what the MESIXI Fully-Stacked laser tag set has prepared for you.

Even though these sets are not that expensive in general, it doesn't hurt to invest in a set that can offer as much as possible for the price in question. Therefore, we decided to showcase to you this fantastic MESIXI laser tag set that comes with some quality equipment.

By purchasing this set, you won't receive only the guns, but a set of four vests, tactical masks that look way too cool, and four protective glasses since safety is always the primary concern. The batteries are not included, but it's really not a big deal since you'll get all this stuff for a very tempting offer.

Moreover, this set comes with a lifetime warranty from MESIXI, and their customer service is delightful, so you'll never worry about awkward calls or meetings.

When it comes to the guns themselves, we can safely say that the accuracy was one of the best that we've seen so far. The shooting distance is not that great, but they will work quite nicely up to 100 feet of distance. Also, the sound effects and vibrations improve the overall experience that these laser guns bring to the table.

Of course, you'll have the option of choosing between multiple different-coloured teams and weapons, so you'll be able to play with your friends and family. When it comes to some specifications, the pistol has 12 bullets, the machine gun and shotgun have six bullets each, and the missile launcher will take away three life bars from the opponent if it hits.

All in all, it's a terrific set that will be your for a minimal investment. Aside from some minor hiccups, such as the shooting distance and wrong instructions, everything else is top-notch.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Added accessories
  • Sound effects and vibrations
  • Great quality
  • Shooting distance
  • Bad instructions

HISTOYE Infrared Laser Tag Set with Vests - The Best Design

Kids are not famous for looking at prices and the quality of toys, but rather the way they look and how cool they are. Well, it doesn't get any cooler than the HISTOYE Infrared Laser Tag Set with Vests.

What more could you want from laser guns that are safe to use for kids and have an epic design? Probably nothing considering that functionality aside, these are the only things that would interest your children. The guns come in red, yellow, blue, and orange designs with patterns that reminisce science-fiction guns you'd normally see in a blockbuster movie.

The guns are perfectly safe, and it's probably not a sentence you'd typically hear about guns, but it's true. They emit infrared waves at 0.9 mW, which doesn't raise any health concerns whatsoever. Furthermore, your kids won't lose time learning how to use them since they're pretty intuitive, and the instructions will show you what each button does.

Speaking of buttons, each gun is equipped with multiple features controlled by buttons, including the team select, weapon switch, trigger, and formation indicator. Also, a common issue with laser guns is the battery consumption that usually eats away the battery life in an hour or even less. With HISTOYE laser guns, you'll never worry about any of that since these guns have a 2-hour lifespan with continuous use.

Aside from the vibrations, the laser tag blasters also light up quite nicely, which is great for night adventures. Overall, it has everything you'll need. The only downside we noticed is the price-to-quality ratio. It could've been a bit cheaper since there are similar sets that cost around 10-15% less.

  • Excellent for night laser tag arenas
  • Safe
  • Amazing design
  • Battery life
  • The price-to-quality ratio

POKONBOY Laser Tag Guns Set - The Best Durable Set

Kids are not known for their innate ability to preserve things and keep them safe. They stumble, throw, and break more toys than you can buy, which is why you should always look to get the most durable toys. The POKONBOY Laser Tag Guns Set is the answer to your prayers.

Generally, all toys, including laser tag guns, are made of plastic that is easily damaged on impact, especially when they end up in kids' hands. However, the POKONBOY set had their guns made from ABS plastic, a solid plastic terpolymer that has a much higher resistance than the average plastic. You can let your kids run around and not worry whether they'll break these guns or not.

The set itself consists of four guns, four vests, additional belts, and a carrying case for weekend trips with the kids. You'll also receive a screwdriver and a manual with easy instructions, except for the batteries. The biggest downside is that you actually need 28 AAA batteries to power up the guns and the vests. That is a lot considering that these products drain the batteries quite fast, but batteries are cheap, luckily.

Similar to the previous products, you won't be bothered with safety issues since the guns operate at a low infrared output, so there's no real risk of harm. On the other hand, this infrared output is just enough to secure a 150-feet shooting distance with excellent accuracy. Of course, it all really depends on the type of weapon you choose - the pistol, rocket, machine gun, and rifle.

In terms of practicality, we didn't like that the team-select button was right next to the button to swap weapons, which could be problematic in the middle of a laser tag game. Also, the battery consumption is a bit over the top.

  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Low infrared output
  • Packed set
  • Accuracy
  • Battery consumption
  • Manual buttons order

VATOS Laser Tag Set - The Best Innovative Set

Finally, we're down to the last review, and we'll finish it off with a bang. Here are the most innovative laser tag blasters on the list, the VATOS Laser Tag Set.

The reason this product sticks out from the rest is the innovation behind its design. It has some features that you normally wouldn't see in a standard laser tag gun set, like the spray function or the smoking vests.

As was the case with previous laser blasters, these ones also have life indicators that display the status at all times. However, once the laser tag battles are over and you lose all your life points, the vest will start to vibrate and release a spraying water mist that makes you think you're in a real battle.

Furthermore, each gun has an LED display screen that shows you your life bars and the number of bullets you have left at your disposal. That way, you can always be aware of how many shots you have left so you can reload in time.

Another innovation is the five-weapon mode, not the usual four weapons. You can choose to shoot the regular pistol, or you can swap and choose the laser gun, shotgun, machine gun, and submachine gun. The batteries are not included, but the firearms require only three AAA batteries, which is great considering that you won't need a lot of power.

Even though this VATOS set is fantastic in essence, we've decided to place it last since the overall quality seems to be lesser in comparison with the previous sets. Other than that, this is the laser tag set to get!

  • Innovative features
  • An LED display on each gun
  • Five-weapon mode
  • Low battery consumption
  • Lesser quality in comparison with the previous sets

Finding the Best Infrared Laser Tag Blasters - Buyer's Guide

Even though you'll see that many laser tag manufacturers claim to have the best products, it's really not the case. There are multiple factors that separate the best sets from the low-quality ones, and we're here to shed light on the matter.

We'll go through the essential things you should look at before you buy a laser tag set and also answer some common questions. Stay tuned!

1. Features

best budget laser tag set

Of course, the main thing that blasters are for is to blast - quite simple. On the other hand, immersing yourself in action requires more than just shooting, which is where more advanced laser tag sets dominate. They have many features that make kids feel like true action heroes, so you might want to consider some pricier models.

For example, some of the more advanced blasters feature dedicated lights for night vision shooting arenas as well as LED displays that let you track your life points and the number of bullets you have left. Also, we've seen that the VATOS Laser Tag Set has a spraying feature that releases a water mist to imitate smoke and make things seem more realistic.

These are some of the advanced features that won't make that big of a difference to smaller children, but they'll mean the world to kids older than six years.

2. Warranty

Laser tag sets are relatively cheap, so you won't be lost entirely if your kids break the gun or damage the vests. Still, it doesn't hurt to protect yourself in case something goes wrong, no matter the price.

Generally, since the price is not that high, you'll encounter either a 1-year limited warranty or a 2-year one. However, we've seen that there are stores and manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties, so make sure to check that out before you purchase a new laser tag set.

3. Accuracy and Shooting Distance

best choice laser tag set

If you've ever bought a real gun or just gone to a shooting facility, you know that accuracy is the first thing you'll be interested in. It's the same thing with laser tag guns, even if they're not real guns. When it comes to their accuracy, it's closely related to the shooting distance, meaning the distance that the laser beam can travel from a gun to the opponent's vest on the same path.

You've seen that most of the products on this list have a 150-feet distance on average, which is something that you should consider in your purchase. Of course, there are more advanced sets, such as the ArmoGear Laser Tag set, whose guns can shoot accurately at a 200-feet distance, which is astounding.

4. Shooting Modes

You probably don't want your kids to end up with cheap knock-offs that offer two guns and a low-quality experience.

The best laser tag sets, as we've seen, can offer as many as four different weapons to choose from, even five in the case of VATOS Laser Tag Set.

It's not something that should be crucial in making your final decision, but it's undoubtedly something you should consider since you'll most likely be buying this for the joy of your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best laser tag set to buy?

The absolute best we could find while browsing Amazon was most certainly the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set. It's well-made, has excellent accuracy, and tons of features that will make the game 200% better.

Also, you can always go for our runner-up, the premium Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set.

Is laser tag profitable?

As we've said, these kits are not that expensive, and they actually cost as much as some toys that your kids will probably play with for a month and then discard. Laser tag guns offer an abundance of fun and great experience while also helping your kids move around and develop their bodies.

To conclude, they undoubtedly pay off.

Do laser tag guns work?

best laser tag gun set

Infrared technology has boomed in the eighties, and it was one of the main modes of data transportation in the 2000s.

Even though there are better and more advanced technologies nowadays, laser tag is very much alive, and the guns work quite nicely.

How much does a laser tag set cost?

It depends on the set and the manufacturer.

Generally, you won't pay more than $100 for a solid set, but there are premium models that offer a lot for a bit more money, somewhere in the range of 150-200 dollars.

Can you mix laser tag sets?

Again, it depends on the manufacturer if their design allows for mixing with different brands.

If the brand is the same, you'll generally be able to connect the guns and the vests, even if they're not the same models.

Is laser tag a good gift?

Absolutely YES. As we've mentioned, kids enjoy them and even adults, even if they don't want to admit it.

Having a laser tag set means you'll have an excellent method of filling rainy days with joy and excitement.

Final Thoughts - Summary

Now that we've gone over Amazon's most popular laser tag sets and saw what they're all about, it's time to pronounce the winners.

The second and the third place go to the, respectively, Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set and the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set. The former one is our premium pick that'll make you feel like a true soldier, while the latter is a budget pick that will serve as a great gift when you're low on cash.

The absolute winner is, of course, and the best laser tag set is the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set. You won't find a better set on the market than this one and everyone has a plethora of words of praise for it. It's fantastic, doesn't fail, and should be your next purchase.

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