Safety and Injury Prevention Accessories – Searching for the Best Trampoline Anchors

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Even though there are tons of trampolines on the market, it's not that hard to find the right one. After you take a couple of things into consideration, you'll find the appropriate one with ease. However, finding the best safe trampoline could be a bit problematic.

Now, you can spend hours in a quest of finding the safest one, or you can invest in some accessories that'll make your life easier. In this case, we'll go over some of the best trampoline anchors that are an excellent choice for people that are buying a trampoline for the first time.

There's no need to read tons of trampoline reviews just to find the relatively safest one when you can anchor a trampoline and enjoy the day.

Let's move on to the reviews and find out more!


Top 3 Picks

If you're looking for the best and you don't feel like reading through our reviews, here's a quick overview list with the most crucial elements of our top 3 picks from this article.

Editor's Choices
Eurmax USA Trampoline Stakes Trampoline Anchors High Wind Heavy Duty Corkscrew Shape Steel Tent...*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Best Trampoline Anchor Kit
Trampolines Wind Stakes Heavy Duty U Type Sharp Ends 12inch Safety Ground Anchor Galvanized Steel...*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Best For The Money
Best Selling
Trampoline Stakes Trampoline Anchors 14In 0.354 inch U Anchors U Steaks Trampoline Stakes Anchors...*
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Best Wind Stakes

The Best Trampoline Anchors and Wind Stakes - Top 5 Reviews

Eurmax Trampoline Anchor Kit - The Best Trampoline Anchor Kit

We'll kick off our first review with the best and complete anchor kit that ensures absolute stability, whatever brand your trampoline is. It's the Eurmax Trampoline Anchor Kit.

Generally, Eurmax anchor kits contain four tie-down straps that are used to connect the frame with the four wind stakes that also come in the kit. That's the case here, except that the wind stakes you'll receive are heavy-duty augers made of silver and galvanized steel. It's durable and won't succumb to rust that easily.

The augers resemble the standard wine corkscrews, and they have four spirals that enable you to twist them deep into the ground and thus provide more security to your trampoline. Once you've inserted them, you'll tie them up with four straps that you received in the package and complete the installation process.

Furthermore, the belt material is top-notch, and it even stretches a bit for more flexibility during rough weather conditions and harsh winds. They won't break, and they've been tested against strong wind currents during the manufacturing process. You'll secure everything with the buckles on the belt, and you'll be good to go!

  • Four straps and four wind stakes
  • Four-spiral galvanized steel augers
  • Silver coating
  • Excellent belt material
  • /

Synoratory Trampolines Heavy-Duty Wind Stakes - The Best For The Money

Even though anchor kits and wind stakes are relatively cheap, you're probably not too thrilled about spending more than you need to. Therefore, here's our budget pick, the Synoratory Trampolines Heavy-Duty Wind Stakes.

Firstly, the reason this set is much cheaper than the first pick is that it contains only wind stakes and no tie-down straps. The way you secure your trampoline is by pushing these stakes into the ground and encircling the poles 11.8 inches long, so there's no way they'll be ripped out of the ground by high winds. Also, you don't have to push them all the way in if you want to give your trampoline a bit of breathing room in case of extreme winds.

These U-shape anchors have a 0.24-inch diameter, which might not seem like a lot, but when you factor in that they are made from galvanized steel, you'll be stress-free knowing they won't break in harsh weather.

The inner width of the Synoratory stakes is 2.4 inches, which means that you can basically use them with most of the trampolines on the market since you'll rarely find any wider trampolines poles or frame supports. They are also useful for tents, tarps, and fences, aside from trampolines, so there are multiple reasons you should consider this set.

We'd only recommend you to browse more if you have a demanding and large trampoline since these anchors are probably not equipped enough for heavy-duty trampolines. If, however, you own a regular-size trampoline, you won't regret buying these wind stakes.

  • Easy to install
  • 0.24-inch diameter and U-shape stakes
  • Excellent for tents and tarps
  • Affordable
  • Not designed for heavy-duty trampolines

Deep Touch Trampoline Stakes - The Best Wind Stakes

Unlike the previous budget pick, this one will accommodate a heavy-duty trampoline and your regular backyard bouncer. Without further ado, it's the Deep Touch Trampoline Stakes review.

Even though some might claim that the best way to secure your trampoline is by utilizing both stakes and straps, using a solid wind-stake set will usually do the trick. Still, it has to be a quality one to be able to support the trampoline through rough times. That's where the Deep Touch stakes come into play.

The stakes are 14 inches long and have a 0.354-inch thickness that practically ensures you'll never have to worry about the stakes being ripped off. However, you have to account for the durability of the Deep Touch stakes because if they bend, you're trampoline's toasted. In this case, you'll get four galvanized steel stakes that are perfect for both trampolines and tents.

This Amazon's Choice product is also very affordable, and you won't make a dent in your wallet purchasing it. However, in order to secure a trampoline during high-speed winds, you'll have to buy two sets of these stakes to have perfect stability. That's the only flaw we can tell regarding this fantastic set.

  • Excellent for a heavy-duty trampoline
  • 14-inch length
  • Fits all trampolines
  • Great stake quality
  • Requires two sets for high-speed winds

Uniprime U-Shape Heavy-Duty Trampoline Wind Stakes - The Best Universal Anchors

Owning trampoline wind stakes is a necessity if you prefer safety, but they are also useful for many other things aside from anchoring a trampoline—more on that in the Uniprime U-Shape Heavy-Duty Trampoline Wind Stakes review.

Before we start talking about the main reason we've included this set of wind stakes, we should mention that safety is a top priority with trampolines, which is why wind stakes should be a necessary purchase. For example, this Uniprime set features four 11.8-inch long stakes that ensure your heavy-duty trampoline won't flip over and be blown by strong winds.

Galvanized steel is a common material used for manufacturing trampoline stakes due to its incredible durability and anti-corrosive properties, which is why this U-shape set also utilizes it. The steel is also quite thick, so there's no need to double up and use an extra set to keep everything anchored and secured.

Finally, we have to note that these Uniprime anchors are not only designed for trampolines; you can use them to secure outdoor decoration during Christmas days, you can keep a tent stabilized, or you can even keep garden hoses in place. All in all, it'll prove to be a smart purchase along the way.

The only reason it's in fourth place is the fact that it is quite similar to our second product, but it's more expensive, which is a bit disappointing.

  • Excellent quality of the stakes
  • 11.8-inch long
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Universal use
  • Costs more in comparison with the previous wind stakes

Upper Bounce Trampoline Anchor Kit - Easy to Install

We have one more anchor kit before we wrap up the review segment of this article. Without further ado, let's see what the Upper Bounce Trampoline Anchor Kit is all about.

This is another complete anchor kit with four tie-downs and four spiral augers that are incredibly easy to install. You'll spiral them into the ground and connect the tie-downs to the loops on the stakes. Then, you'll connect the contraption to the trampoline frame and tighten it to your preferences. That's practically it!

The Upper Bounce kit itself is more affordable than the first one that we reviewed, so you'll probably consider this one first. However, the belt quality is worse in this case because polyester is the main material. Still, it's objectively a very good anchor kit.

Moreover, it fits all major brands of trampolines that are available on the market right now, and it can even be used for anchoring other items up to 33 inches in height. It doesn't have a standard belt pin since it's a clip-in product, but it can still be used for trampolines, even for heavy-duty models in some cases.

The reason we put it in the last place is the overall durability that's slightly worse than with the previous models. It'll still do the job, but it won't last as long as some of the premia picks. Still, you should consider it since it's a fantastic purchase.

  • Complete anchor kit
  • It fits major trampoline brands
  • Stable
  • Polyester
  • Overall longevity

What Should Your Primary Concern Be When Looking for the Best Trampoline Anchor Kit?

Trampoline anchors are pretty straightforward, and there aren't many things that should factor into your decision. However, it's better to know them beforehand and to walk in a store prepared.

Therefore, we're going to share some of the stuff we know and help you make a final decision. Stay tuned!

1. Anchor Kit or Wind Stakes?

Anchor kits contain both stakes and tie-downs, and many people will tell you that they provide a more secure and stable basis for trampolines.

On the other hand, wind stakes will also do the job, even if they don't have the extra security that comes from tie-downs.

It does depend on the quality and the general build of the stakes, but as you've seen, they're mostly made from galvanized steel, which will do the job.

2. Augers or Standard Stakes?

best trampoline anchor kit

Augers are practically stakes designed in a spiralled form for easier insertion and better grip. On the other hand, standard stakes do have a simpler grip, but they're much easier to install. You'll place them above the support poles and hammer them into the ground.

All in all, they're quite similar, and it depends on your preferences, but we'd recommend you to use U-shape stakes for heavy-duty trampolines and augers for classic trampolines.

3. Stake Material

As we've mentioned, the most common material for manufacturing trampoline anchor kits is galvanized steel. It's known as the best alloy due to its anti-corrosive properties and overall longevity.

It's used for indoor and outdoor trampolines, but you'll generally do well with every metallic stake, as long as it has a great coating that protects the metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best trampoline anchors?

The best anchor kit that we came across is undoubtedly the Eurmax Trampoline Anchor Kit. It's affordable, quality-made, and has a long lifespan, so you'll never have to worry about replacing it.

What is the best way to anchor a trampoline?

best rated trampoline anchors

It depends on the type of anchoring kit you're using, but you'll generally either hammer down the stake or use a spiral auger and connect it to the trampoline with tie-down straps.

It's an easy and quick process that shouldn't last you more than 15 minutes.

Do outdoor trampolines need to be anchored?

Absolutely YES. Outdoor trampolines are exposed to fast and rough winds that can easily flip a trampoline over and damage your property, not to mention the potential injuries. Therefore, investing in a trampoline anchor should be a priority.

How do you secure a trampoline during a storm?

best ground anchors for trampoline

If possible, you should try and disassemble the entire construction before the storm hits. If you're not capable of doing so or you don't have enough time, try to remove the safety net, the padding, and the poles, leaving only the frame.

Then anchor it and find a safe place for you and your family.

How do you anchor a water trampoline?

The best way to anchor water trampolines is similar to the way you'd anchor a boat.

Find a place isolated from fast winds and use either huge rocks or concrete blocks and connect them to the anchor line.

Final Thoughts - Summary

It's time to wrap up this best trampoline anchors article and pronounce the winners. The best overall award goes to the Eurmax Trampoline Anchor Kit.

Basically, you'll never worry about your trampoline tipping or flipping over with this anchor kit. It's strong, sturdy, and offers everything you'd expect from a quality anchoring kit.

On the other hand, we have to mention the budget pick - the Synoratory Trampolines Heavy-Duty Wind Stakes.

It is the product you should get if you're low on cash and you're in need of a quality set of wind stakes for your outdoor trampoline.

All in all, you won't be sorry if you go for any product that we reviewed in this article. They're all great and will serve you for many years.

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