The Best Trampoline Cover and How to Choose the Right One

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Trampoline is brilliant equipment that allows you to exercise while still having fun bouncing and jumping. Your kids probably love playing with the trampoline, too.

However, is it wise to leave the trampoline outdoors without protection?

Of course not, as it will gradually deteriorate in quality due to seasonal elements. You spent a lot on a trampoline, so certainly you do not want this to happen so soon, don’t you?

That is when trampoline covers come to help. Scroll down to know the best trampoline cover hand-picked by us.


Top 3 Recommendations

But first, take a look at the top 3 best products in the table.

Best Trampoline Covers On The Market Today - My 6 Choices

SkyBound Universal Replacement Trampoline Safety Pad - The Best Overall

Covering a trampoline implies a couple of things, but it’s usually the covering of the mat in its entirety. However, pad protection is also a vital part of ensuring absolute safety, which is why we’re starting off with the incredible SkyBound Universal Replacement Trampoline Safety Pad.

First off, SkyBound is a renowned manufacturer of trampolines and trampoline parts, and they’ve been a customer favorite manufacturer for a long time, right up there with Skywalker trampolines, so it’s no wonder that our top product comes from their facilities.

Secondly, it’s a vital part of every trampoline, and yet, it’s absolutely affordable. As far as the specs go, it is a 12-foot pad, meaning that it fits 12-foot trampolines, and it has a ½-inch tapered foam cushion. This pad completely covers the springs that are 7 inches in length and makes the frame invisible from a bird’s perspective.

As far as pad's quality goes, you’ll have no concerns in that department. It is a two-layer pad with PVC on top and polyethylene on the bottom. PE protects it in the long run, and PVC helps with longevity and preservation. Also, it’s UV-protected, so there’s no need to remove it during extremely sunny days.

We’ve mentioned Skywalker, but did you know that you can use this pad on their trampolines, as well? It’ll also fit most JumpKing and BouncePro trampolines if they’re 12-footers. All in all, this is the pad to get on today’s market.

  • Supreme quality
  • Affordable
  • Two protective layers
  • UV protection
  • /

Sunnydaze 16 x 20 Tarp - The Best Tarp

Tarps have been long-time favorites when it comes to weather protection. Even though there are special trampoline covers that maybe offer a bit more, tarps will still get the job done, so here’s the best one, the Sunnydaze 16 x 20 Tarp.

This Sunnydaze tarp is 16 feet wide and 20 feet long, meaning it’ll fit both rectangular and round trampolines. When it comes to round models, 16 feet is the limit, and the extra in length can be folded and placed on top for extra protection.

Generally, tarps are made from plastic, and that’s almost always the case, but the quality depends on the type of plastic. You’ll most often find tarps made of canvas or polyester, but the most efficient material in terms of durability is polyethylene.

PE is a thermoplastic that is widely used for its protective properties in terms of preservation in transport. Therefore, you’ll often see food, fruits, and fragile objects covered with such tarps in transportation.

The same goes for trampolines. The 5 mils thick tarp has absolute protection from both sides, and it can easily be placed on anything, even trampolines. Furthermore, it has a 1-year warranty, which is great since you’ll get to experience it all year round and see if it holds up to its part of the deal.

Still, standard trampoline covers will do the job a bit better, but having a tarp is good on its own since you can use it for more than covering up your trampoline.

  • Polyethylene build
  • Excellent protection
  • 5 mils thick
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lesser in quality than trampoline covers

SONGMICS Replacement Trampoline Safety Pad Mat - The Best Safety Pad

Again, we have another safety pad for you to see. It’s on par in quality with the previous one, and it deserves a couple of lines due to its extreme quality. Here’s the SONGMICS Replacement Trampoline Safety Pad Mat.

We like this replacement pad so much for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the amazing quality it possesses. It’s made from weather-resistant PVC, and it has absolute UV protection. No matter how sunny it is, it won’t fade, wear, or tear that easily, and the protection will last for years.

Secondly, we all know how tricky it can be when we have a bad landing on a trampoline, especially if we miss the mat and land on the pad. Lower-quality trampolines can even tear during such landings and cause injuries by falling through and scratching on the springs.

However, this SONGMICS replacement pad is soft and absorbs bounces easily. Even if you jump high and land on it, the bounce will be absorbed, and you won’t feel tingling in your feet or knees.

This is an 8-foot replacement pad, which is the only downside if we can call it that since 8-footers are not demanded as much as 12-foot and 14-foot trampolines. However, if you do own an 8-foot trampoline, it’ll be a great addition, especially when you count on the fact that the installation process takes 5 minutes to finish.

  • Absorbs bounces
  • Weather-resistant PVC
  • UV protection
  • Quick installation
  • Exclusive to 8-foot trampolines

Sposuit 14ft Trampoline Cover - The Best Rainproof Cover

Next up is a standard trampoline cover that fits the entire size of a 14-foot trampoline. Here’s the Sposuit 14ft Trampoline Cover.

All trampoline covers look alike, and you’re probably wondering what separates them, aside from design and quality. Well, there are some things that make each cover authentic, such as the drainage system that Sposuit cover has.

This is the best rainproof cover because of the system in the middle that collects the extra water that would usually stay on top and drains it directly below the frame. It’s a great method for two reasons - you won’t clean it that often and you'll never worry about water damaging your frame or springs.

The polyethylene material that the cover is made of is also waterproof and protects the frame from UV radiation. The Sposuit cover is secured by utilizing twelve ropes that fix it to the frame and don’t let it budge.

Also, the price is really attractive, which is why you should miss out on this cover. However, why isn’t it higher up on the list?

Well, in order to place it and make the best out of the drainage system, you’ll have to remove the mat first. Since there are similar covers that divert the water to the side, it is a bit troublesome to have to remove it before you place it. Still, it is worth it since the protection will be absolute.

  • Excellent drainage system
  • The best rainproof cover
  • Polyethylene protection
  • UV protection
  • Installation

Exacme Round Trampoline Weather Cover - Best for Quality

Bet you heard of Exacme before when choosing a trampoline for your family. And even if you do not own an Exacme trampoline at home, you still need this awesome weather cover. Let’s find out what it has to offer.

First off, this weather cover will fit 10, 12, 14, 15 foot-framed round trampoline of all brands. Yes, you heard it right. No worries about the poorly fitting cover due to the different brands now.

The cover provides all-round protection for your trampoline against dust, UV rays, rain, snow, and other inclement weather conditions. We appreciate the manufacturer’s effort in keeping your trampoline safe all year round.

In terms of durability, this cover is built to last with heavy-duty waterproof PE material. It can last for years, and even longer with proper maintenance. Removing the rain or snow stuck and storing it in a dry place after use will extend the lifespan of the cover.

Also, this Exacme unit is hassle-free to set up. There are elastic straps and S-hooks to keep the cover fixed in place when installed on the frame of the trampoline. Even strong winds cannot make it move a bit!

Note that this cover only fits round trampoline, so if you have a square or oval at home, you may need to seek another item.

  • Perfect fit for all brands
  • All-round protection
  • Hassle-free installation
  • For round trampoline only

Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover - Best for Different Shapes

If what you have is not a round, but oval or rectangular trampoline, you probably have a hard time finding the suitable cover. Search no further, as this Skywalker unit is what you need. It fits round, oval, and rectangular trampolines perfectly. Simply choose the right size for the best fit.

The cover features weatherproof vinyl-coated material to protect your trampoline in different conditions completely. This sturdy material also allows the whole item to withstand the extended use, which means you do not have to buy replacements in years to come.

The safe design is another selling point of this Skywalker weather cover. To be specific, heavy-duty cords installed in the cover are designed to create tension around the edge of the trampoline, thereby keeping it secure in place. Rest assured both the cover and the trampoline will not shift even amidst strong winds.

Additional accessories include straps with clips for extra security and drain outlets for avoiding rain or snow buildup on the surface of the cover. However, we are afraid that these holes did not turn out quite effective. Rainwater still accumulated where there are no drainage holes, which causes the trampoline to sag under the weight.

  • Vinyl-coated material
  • Available for oval and rectangular shapes
  • Safe design
  • Ineffective drainage system

What to Consider When Buying a Trampoline Cover?

In case the six covers above cannot meet your needs (which is unlikely, though), you can shop for one yourself. Make sure you check the following aspects to make a wise decision.

1. The Weather

best trampoline covers winter

The very first thing to consider when purchasing a cover for your beloved trampoline is the weather conditions in your region. Does it rain or snow often? Or do you have the sunlight all year round?

Buying the right covers based on the weather will ensure maximum protection for your trampoline, especially if you leave it outside.

What if the weather in your area takes turns with both rain and sun in a day? Then, it is best to buy a weatherproof cover that can handle both, if not all, then kinds of weather.

2. Size

What is the point of buying a cover if it does not fit your trampoline? However, a lot of people make that mistake. They often rush to buy one after making pure guesswork and not measuring the actual trampoline.

To avoid wasting money on the wrong cover, you should check the size of the trampoline carefully by measuring or simply referring to the manufacturer’s manual.

3. Types of Trampolines

best trampoline spring cover

There are different types of trampolines on the market. Some are easy to find cover for, while others are not, for example, trampoline without springs, oval trampolines, or square trampolines. In these cases, you will have to make some adjustments, so pay close attention.

Check your kind of trampoline to make the right decision then.

4. Regular or Specialized Cover

best way to cover trampoline for winter

A frequently asked question when it comes to trampoline cover: Should I choose a regular or specialized unit?

Regular covers, also known as simple tarps, are merely a piece of fabric that can be used to cover your trampoline. The only advantage is probably the affordability. Yes, regular cover costs significantly less than a specialized one. 

However, there are a lot of downsides you need to be aware of. First off, it hardly provides your trampoline any protection against inclement weather conditions. Also, it is poorly fitting, especially with a round trampoline. Do not try to trim the tarp to suit your unit, as it only reduces the durability of the cover in the long term.

Meanwhile, the specialized cover is designed to protect your trampoline from harsh climatic conditions, including rain, UV rays, or strong winds. Of course, specialized items are more expensive than simple tarps, but they are worth your investment. If you want to use the trampoline for a long time, let’s consider buying a specialized cover for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave a trampoline out in the rain?

You can leave it unprotected only if you have some natural covers or if it’s a small rain that’ll last for 5-10 minutes, in which case you’ll have to clean up the trampoline afterward.

Otherwise, you have to protect it since rain can be fatal to metal in terms of corrosion.

How do you cover a trampoline?

best way to cover a trampoline

It is pretty straightforward to install a trampoline cover, but the steps may vary depending on the kinds of covers. Let’s take a look.

Typically, trampoline covers will come with clips or anchors, which hook onto themselves. Thus, there is no drilling required to set them up. When you need to use the trampoline, simply remove the clips or unfasten the anchors. Easy, right?

On the other hand, some special covers make use of drawstring instead. In this case, you need to tie the drawstrings to the frame of the trampoline to keep the cover fixed in place.

Anyway, it is essential to read the manufacturer’s installation guide carefully before proceeding. There may be some points that you have to take notice of, and you can find useful tips and tricks there!

How do you cover a trampoline for the winter?

This process is called winterization, and it’ll generally allude to disassembling the trampoline. If you cannot do it, the best thing is to remove the mat and place a cover and secure it with ropes.

Can I use a tarp to cover my trampoline?

Absolutely YES, especially if the tarp is a bit larger than the size of your trampoline since you can fold the extra ends and flip them over to have extra protection.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know a cover is essential for the longevity of your trampoline, it’s time to purchase one, and there’s no better cover than the SkyBound Universal Replacement for the pads and the Sposuit 14ft Trampoline Cover for the mat.

If, however, you prefer using tarps, we strongly recommend the Sunnydaze 16 x 20 Tarp. Either way, you’ll be satisfied with the result.

If you find this article useful, please like and share it with your friends who also have a trampoline at home. Thank you for reading!

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