Perfect Your Summer With Some Fun Trampoline Games

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It's hot - extremely hot - and there's no way of cooling off. Well, that's no reason to stop you from having fun.

Trampolines are a great way to fill out some of the long hours during hot summer days, but jumping up and down can get boring after some time, even with friends.

So, what to do?

Well, trampolines have been around for decades, and people have devised some fun trampoline games that not only help pass the time, but you'll get great exercise out of them.

We've done the research and came to showcase some of the best games we could find. Also, we'll include the top two trampolines for these activities.

Stay tuned!


Best Trampolines For Games: Top 2 Reviews

Tatub 16FT Trampoline for Kids - The Best 16-Foot Trampoline for Kids

You've probably had your kids bursting your eardrums for weeks now to get them the best trampoline possible.

Well, search no further than the Tatub 16FT Trampoline for Kids.

16-foot trampolines are actually intended for adults and kids due to their extensive jumping surface and great bounce.

This trampoline, however, is clearly manufactured for children based on the colorful design and the safety features that were put into it.

The structure is also phenomenal, and there's no way you'll find something better in the same price range (if you do, let us know).

It can support up to 375 lbs of weight capacity, but you should try not to exceed 350 because of the weight distribution over the entire jumping mat.

The main thing that attracted us to this model is the solid build that keeps everything balanced out.

The structure is galvanized, and there is no way any parts of the trampoline are corrosive due to moisture and sun exposure.

The jumping mat doesn't wear after continuous use, thanks to the polypropylene material that protects it.

Also, it's quite soft, which is important if your children will play a lot on it and test out new jumps and exercises.

We really have no objections when it comes to this model - even the safety enclosure net feels quite premium, which is surprising since nets are usually the first thing to wear or tear in trampolines.

Overall, it's a quality purchase, and you should consider it.

  • Excellent weight limit
  • Great build
  • Durable
  • Soft and quality jumping mat
  • /

Asee'm 60" Trampoline for Kids with Net - The Best Indoor and Outdoor Model

The second model we'd like to present to you is the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor use for younger children below the age of 6.

It doesn't matter if it's raining or scorching hot when you have the Asee'm 60" Trampoline for Kids with Net.

This is a 60-inch model that can sustain up to two children at the same time.

You're probably worried about the weight load since your kids will play a lot on it, but there's no need for stress.

It can easily support two kids without any fear of breaking or wearing.

The frame is also galvanized and has reinforced T sockets that keep the structure stabilized and solidly connected with the upper part of the trampoline.

The frame is non-bendable, meaning that your children can jump as much as they want without worrying about possible injuries.

A benefit of owning a smaller trampoline is its portability.

You can always assemble and reassemble it in a matter of minutes without needing any tools or help from a partner. This is why the Asee'm trampoline is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Furthermore, purchasing any Asee'm product will get you a great warranty, which is great considering that kids are malicious and known for finding a way to break anything.

The bounce is great, and it's not that extensive, so you don't have to worry about the kids flying over the safety net.

The only thing we mind is the assembly instructions that come with the package.

They are a bit confusing, and following them could prolong the entire process.

However, once you get the hang of it, you'll see that you'll be able to do it each time without a hassle.

  • Excellent quality
  • Portability
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • 1-year warranty
  • Confusing assembly instructions

Entertaining Trampoline Games You Can Play at All Times: A Detailed Rundown!

Now that you know what trampolines are the best for summer activities, it's time to move on to the main topic of the list article and give you some information on the most fun games you can play on a trampoline.

For each game, we'll include the general overview, rules, and some pro tips for the ultimate gamers.


1. Piggy (Monkey In The Middle)

fun and easy trampoline games

This was always a popular game; even our grandparents played it when they were younger.

There are a lot of variations of this game, but we'll include two of the most popular ways to play this on a trampoline.

The Piggy In The Middle requires at least three players to be played.

One player is Piggy, and he's on the trampoline waiting for the go sign from the other players.

The rest are located outside of the trampoline, and one of them has an item that can be anything you want - a ball, stuffed animal, or even a shoe.

The objective is quite straightforward - Piggy's assignment requires him to catch the ball mid-air while jumping, and the rest of the players are obligated to throw the ball over the trampoline.

Once Piggy catches the ball, the player who was the last to throw it becomes the new Piggy and takes his place on the trampoline.

The Monkey In The Middle is practically the same, the only difference being that all the players are inside the trampoline, and everyone is jumping.

This makes the game harder because coordination is the key to success.

If you're not the Piggy (Monkey), a good tip would be to wait for the player on the trampoline to jump and then throw the ball.

If you time it correctly, he won't have the time to catch the ball mid-air, and you'll successfully throw it to your partner.

2. Musical Chairs

All of us remember this fun game.

You've probably played it with your friends or even at school since it's a fun way to get some steps in and help kids develop a musical taste.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, you've probably heard about Trip to Jerusalem, which is practically the same game.

The rules are not that hard to keep up with.

There are no limitations on the number of players, except for the standard weight limit of your trampoline.

You'll allocate a zone for each player where he has to stay and avoid contact with other players. Once everyone's settled, you'll play a song on your phone.

While the song is rolling, the players start walking in circles, each behind the other without making contact and keeping their distance.

After a certain time period that you'll decide on, you'll stop the music, and that's when the players have to jump. The last person that jumped loses and leaves the circle.

As the game progresses, you'll switch up the songs and create new time stops at shorter intervals to keep the game unpredictable.

Eventually, the winner is the last person that stays on the trampoline - it's that simple.

There's really no tip for this game since it boils down to your reflexes.

However, if you don't want to drop out early, a good way to stay in would be to focus on the players in front of you and forget about the music.

When they jump, you jump and hope someone will lag behind.

3. Hot Potato

fun games like trampoline

Yeah, you know it.

It's a classic game that we all played, and it can be played on a trampoline as well with some twists.

First, let's break down the rules for those who haven't played it.

Similar to Music Chairs, the players form a circle on the trampoline and create a 1-foot distance from one another, just for safety.

You'll need an object that fits the size of a hand for the game - a ball, a pair of rolled socks, or even a potato if you have one in your house.

One person will be outside the trampoline and play the music.

When the music starts, players start tossing the potato around, but they must throw it mid-air.

The objective is to throw the potato as fast as you can in order to avoid being the last person to touch it. Why?

When the song stops, the person that has the potato is out.

It is a luck-based game, but it also requires skill and agility to avoid being the last person to touch it. It is so much fun, and it helps kids exercise in a fun way.

4. Dodgeball

You can't have a trampoline fun time without dodgeball.

Even though we're used to playing this game in a gym or on a meadow, it works on the trampoline as well.

Of course, the requirement for the jumping team is to JUMP!

The rules remain the same - you'll divide into two teams, with one team being on the trampoline and one outside.

You'll need a couple of foam balls and good accuracy.

There will be two rounds that last two minutes, but you can make up your own time schedules based on the number of players.

The team that throws the balls will try to hit each player, and the other team can only avoid getting hit by jumping - no hiding in the corners of the trampoline is allowed!

Once the two minutes are up, you'll switch sides and count the points.

Each hit is worth two points, and if you get a tie, you can try out a 1 vs. 1 round with the teams' captains to be the tiebreaker.

A pro tip for dodgeball is not to jump too early.

Remain patient and try to read your opponent's movement. It'll probably be a bit hard the first couple of times until you get the gist of his reactions.

When you figure it out, it'll be an easier game for you.

5. Hit The Mark

This is a fun improvisation that you can use when you're bored and not sure what to play on a trampoline.

You'll need a couple of marks to place around the trampoline, and they should all be different in size and appearance.

We recommend using different-colored towels or clothes to make them distinctive.

Two players can play this game, but it also works with more players. One person is jumping, and the other person is giving out the orders.

The jumper has to jump three times, and once he's mid-air during the third jump, the other person will call out a mark on the trampoline.

The objective is to land on the given mark or touch it if it's too far away.

You'll try to make a record, and once you fail, you'll switch parts. The winner is the person with the most marks hit.

This is an awesome trampoline game since it allows kids to be competitive in a fun way, and it also helps them improve their coordination and balance while also tiring themselves out.

The only pro tip we can give you is to jump as high as you can on the third jump since you never know what mark your opponent will assign to you.

If you, instead, try to jump to the side expecting a far mark, he might be tricky and give you the one that is right below you.

6. Egg and Spoon Race

fun outdoor trampoline games

This is another popular trampoline game that's been around since trampolines were first manufactured.

It might be boring for some older kids, but it's a lot of fun for toddlers and younger kids.

As the name suggests, you need a spoon and an egg.

You should either hard boil the egg or use something else since you don't want it breaking on the trampoline and ruining the mat.

You can use ping-pong or golf balls as well.

It's played between two players, but you can make it work with multiple players as well.

You can play it in two ways - both players start at the same time, or you do a time race.

Either way, the objective is the same - carry the egg from one side of the trampoline to the other without dropping it.

If you drop it midway, you go back and start over. Whoever finishes first wins!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun trampoline games?

Aside from the ones that we've talked about above, there are some classics, such as the Trampoline Whispers, Poison Ball, Crack the Egg, and many others.

How can I make my trampoline more fun?

If you're bored with jumping without purpose each day, these games could make your summer vacation way entertaining, especially with friends.

Also, if you think you're too old for some of these games, you can always find tutorials on YouTube for practicing some cool air kicks.

How do you play Poison Ball on a trampoline?

fun water games on the trampoline

It's a simple game that involves one player on the trampoline and the rest of the players outside.

The objective is to jump and avoid getting hit by balls that the others are throwing inside the trampoline.

It's similar to dodgeball, except you'll time each player's progress, and the one that lasts the longest without getting hit is the winner.

How do you do a Castle Attack on a trampoline?

Again, it's similar to Poison Ball and Dodgeball.

It involves one person on the trampoline (The King) and the Attackers.

The Attackers try to hit the King three times, and he does his best to avoid the balls.

The person that landed the killing blow becomes the new King and takes his place on the trampoline.

Can you put a tent on a trampoline?

Of course, you can. It's actually a great idea since your kids won't sleep on the ground, and they're protected from the surroundings by the safety enclosure net.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the fun trampoline games you can try out on a trampoline, and there are so many more.

These are some of our favorites since they're based on some classic fun games we all used to play when we were kids.

Our recommendation is definitely Hit The Mark since it's the most demanding, and it brings you tons of laughter.

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