Experts’ Pick of the Best Trampoline Enclosure

Isn’t it great to have a trampoline at home?

It is an awesome way to get some exercise while still having fun jumping and bouncing off the trampoline mat. Especially if you have children at home, the trampoline will undoubtedly be their favorite playground.

However, safety issues are a great concern. Who knows when will your children jump and fall off the mat?

In that case, you should consider buying a trampoline enclosure to protect your kids and yourself. Scroll down to know the best trampoline enclosure on the current market.


Why Should You Use Trampoline Enclosure?

best trampoline enclosure reviews

A safety net does not stop at merely protecting your children from falling off the trampoline. Take a look at multiple reasons why you need a trampoline enclosure at home.

  • It protects users from burns due to the UV rays
  • It prevents falling accidents
  • It prevents users from hitting the springs or the frame of the trampoline
  • It allows adult supervision from outside
  • It enables children to jump freely as they wish

Best Trampoline Enclosure On The Market: Top 4 Choices

First off, check out our comparison table of the best three products to get an overall image. And do not forget our detailed review of each model below.

Editor's Choices
Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Net for Round Trampoline using Variant poles and Arches - Breathable...*
Price not available
Customer's rating
Best Feature
Ultimate durability and quality
Upper Bounce Round Trampoline Safety Net-Round Trampoline Using Variant Straight Poles-Breathable...*
Price not available
Customer's rating
Best Feature
Maximum ease of installation
Best Selling
Jumpking 14' G4 Enclosure System for all Trampolines with 4 U-legs BZ1409E4*
Customer's rating
Best Feature
Great value for money
Upper Bounce Replacement - Best for Quality

Feel free to relax inside your home while your kids are having fun outside on the trampoline! No need to worry, since this item will ensure maximum safety for your children.

First off, the net is designed to have the perfect height to keep the person jumping inside 100% safe. There is no chance left for bouncing too high and falling off the mat. Also, the manufacturer tried to increase the safety level by leaving a significant distance from the poles.

Also, the net does not limit your visibility, whether you are inside or outside the trampoline. Not only parents benefit from this aspect but also children, as they feel like jumping in a vast space rather than a confined one.

Once installed, the enclosure will stay firmly in its place without moving an inch. At the top, there are adjustable straps with a quick-lock buckle to connect the net to the poles. Meanwhile, the enclosure is attached to the V-rings of the frame, thanks to sturdy clips.

This net is available for different sizes of trampolines, provided that they use straight poles. Make sure to measure your frame from one edge to the other horizontally and vertically so you can get the right size and buy the suitable enclosure net for your trampoline.

Overall, this is a great deal considering the quality and affordability. However, some say that it better fits the little children instead of older ones.

  • Ideal height
  • Adjustable straps available
  • Durable material
  • Dual closure entry
  • Falling off clips

Upper Bounce Replacement Safety Enclosure Net - Best For Installation

Upper Bounce is a leading supplier of trampolines and related accessories, so no doubt it offers a lot of quality enclosure nets. Let’s see what this product has to offer and whether it surpasses its counterpart or not.

The net is made of Terylene, which increases the overall durability. Rest assured that it will last for years to come. Also, this material will not restrict visibility. You can watch your children playing on the mat and quickly respond if there is any problem. How great!

Similar to the first model, this unit offers maximum safety for whoever is bouncing on the trampoline. The height is ideal, and you even have more room for jumping as the net connects to the springs on the outside of the frame.

We gave this product a higher rating than its counterpart when it comes to ease of installation. This Upper Bounce net slides on the poles to attach to the frame, so no caps are required. There are three straps per arch and clips at the bottom to keep the enclosure fixed in place.

The net features dual closure entry with zippers and buckles. The entrance is a little small, but still manageable for kids and smaller adults.

The only complaint is the confusing instruction in the manual. We would appreciate it if the manufacturer fixed the guide soon.

  • Durable construction
  • Effortless setup
  • Dual closure entry
  • Confusing manual
  • Small entrance
  • Available for round trampolines only

Jumpking 14’ G4 Enclosure System - Best For Budget

If you want to create a fun and safe playground for your kids, search no further. This product on the list from Jumpking will surely meet your requirements.

This Jumpking net holds the best value for money as it requires no spring pad at all, which saves you about $50-$100. Also, poles are included in the purchase, and they are of great quality. There is no need to purchase poles separately as you have to with other products on the market.

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This unit features foam sleeves and hemisphere caps. It is attached to the mat using two long pieces of rope that you thread through the bottom of the enclosure and the trampoline springs. Sounds challenging? It is hassle-free to do. Two of us tried setting the net up and the whole process took only about 30 minutes.

There is only one downside related to the manual guide. It was so confusing that, in the end, we decided to follow our guts instead. The results turned out better than expected!

The net is designed to fit 13’ to 15’ trampolines. Place your order now to save a few bucks on accessories.

  • Poles included
  • No spring pad required
  • Ease of installation
  • Confusing instruction

14’ Replacement Trampoline Safety Net - Best For Walmart Trampolines

Next on the list is an enclosure net from Trampoline Part Store. It is designed to fit Walmart trampolines, including 14' TR1463A-FLEX-FZ, TR1888-SPN-WMC, TR1888-FLEX-ENC, TR-168BF15-WMC, TR-168-BF15, and TR-14ES-WMC. Check carefully if your trampoline is one of these models or not.

The net is constructed from durable PE material, which meets ASTM, EN 71, TUV and GS safety standards. Therefore, you can set your heart at rest when letting your children play inside this enclosure.

The installation does not take much time and effort at all as the net will slide through the ring enclosure poles to connect the trampoline. Note that the package only comes with the net, and no poles are included.

Unfortunately, this model is not backed with a warranty. This is a bit off-putting, but not a deal-breaker if you carefully consider its quality and affordability.

  • Reasonable price
  • Decent quality
  • PE material
  • Safety approved
  • No warranty
  • Average durability

Trampoline Safety Guidelines

Even if you have installed a trampoline, you should still stick to the guidelines below to ensure maximum safety for yourself and your children.

1. Inspect Your Trampoline Regularly

best buy trampoline with enclosure

Check your trampoline every once in a while. Are there any visible holes? If yes, do not hesitate to replace it with a new mat, as holes mean reduced strength.

Who knows if it will break when your kids are jumping on it.

2. Check the Frame

Frames are the thing that supports the whole trampoline, so it is hazardous if your frame comes loose. Check it regularly and tighten the screws. Should you find any screws missing, be quick to replace them? Well, in the case of bent frames, you may have to hire a specialist to handle the issue.

3. Stay Away From Trees

best price trampoline with enclosure

Make sure you allow a safety perimeter of at least 3 meters around your trampoline. Stay away from trees or walls, or your kids may hit them while jumping.

4. Educate Your Kids

There are a lot of things you need to teach your kids before letting them bounce on a trampoline. First off, warn them against jumping too high. Second, remind your children of removing jewelry or any sharp object before playing. If you are too busy with all of that, you can take your kids to a local trampolining class. There they can learn about all the related rules and skills.


We have just walked you through our detailed reviews of the best trampoline enclosure nets on the market. Can you decide on your purchase now? Still confused? Well, then choose the best of the best. Our pick for the crown is the Upper Bounce Replacement. It is worthy of your investment with outstanding quality.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Net for Round Trampoline using Variant poles and Arches - Breathable...*
  • Safe and Secured: Upper Bounce trampoline replacement net ensures maximum safety by enclosing the jumping surface of your trampoline (Net installs on the inside of the trampoline), providing security and a fun jumping experience at the same time.
  • Universally Compatible: Enhance the jumping capability of your trampoline with our premium quality trampoline net. Our trampoline safety net has universal compatibility for round trampoline with variant arches and straight poles from any brand out there.
  • Bouncing Fun: Upper Bounce trampolines are a fun way for your children to channel their energy. Crafted from a premium Terylene material, our trampoline net ensures absolute safety for your children along with a fun bouncing experience.
  • Durable Quality: Our superior quality, Terylene trampoline safety net has dual closure entry with zipper and buckles and is tested to be UV, water, and tear-resistant. This trampoline net is capable of enduring all types of outdoor weather conditions.
  • Portable and Easy to Install: Our trampoline replacement net is easy to carry around and structurally designed to resist wear and tear upon folding. Our trampoline net requires only a couple of hands to be installed effortlessly in a short time span.

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