What is the Maximum Trampoline Weight Limit?

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Are you planning on buying a trampoline? And you started wondering the maximum trampoline weight limit because you want to ensure the safety for you and your family when playing on the trampoline?

Then you are in the right place!

In case you don’t want to be bombarded with useless and irrelevant information, stay with us!

We will share with you the exact things you need to find out the answer. 


What is a Trampoline Weight Limit?

kid active trampoline weight limit

A trampoline weight limit is considered as the maximum weight that a trampoline can hold. For example, if a trampoline weight limit is 500lbs, it can be safe for those who weigh 350-450 pounds to use it.

How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold?

It depends! As you may know, there are currently various trampoline types.

We can find out the answer based on the size and shape of a trampoline.

1. Trampoline Weight Limit by Size

  • Kids & Toddlers Trampoline
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While a small toddler trampoline is able to withstand 44-66 pounds, a mini kids trampoline can hold up to 66-110 pounds.

  • 6 - Foot Trampoline

If you have 88-132 pounds, you can use this 6-foot trampoline. This type of trampoline is suitable for a small kid to play, but an average teenager or an adult male should not use it.

  • 8 - Foot Trampoline

Of course, the bigger the trampoline is, the higher the weight limit it can offer.

The 8-foot trampoline can support up to 110-220 pounds.

Oh, surprised? Although the trampolines in this category are at a similar size, there is a great difference in the weight limit.

Well, this is due to the materials that different manufacturers use.

  • 10 - Foot Trampoline

The weight limit of a 10-foot trampoline is up to 165-264 pounds. The specific number depends mainly on its materials and brand.

For example, most round trampolines have a weight limit of 220 pounds since it is the materials and structure that limit the weight capacity of the trampoline.

Therefore, even with a 12-foot or 14-foot round huge trampoline, the maximum weight capacity can still only be 220 pounds.

2. Trampoline Weight Limit by Shape

backyard trampoline weight limit

Trampolines have many different shapes, ranging from round, rectangular, hexagonal to octagonal. The shape of a trampoline has a substantial effect on the trampoline weight limit.

In general, hexagonal and rectangle trampolines can have a higher weight limit than the round and octagonal ones. The difference is because the hexagonal and rectangular trampolines are designed to reduce the pressure on the trampoline springs.

On the other hand, octagonal and round ones exert the whole strength on the trampoline springs during each bounce irrespective of the bounce location.

Anything else?


Another thing to say is that rectangular trampolines are mostly used by gymnasts. Meanwhile, the round ones are created for kids as well as the whole family to play.

We also have some recommendations for the best trampolines of this year here in case you are interested.

Can You Exceed the Weight Limit on a Trampoline?

what is a trampoline weight limit

Do you know why manufacturers indicate their recommendations for the trampoline weight limit?

Well, they just want to ensure the safety of users.

For instance, when you exceed the trampoline weight limit, the springs can unexpectedly break, or the mat can tear.

You see, when this happens, it can result in a severe accident.

So, to ensure the safety of users and to maintain the trampoline, you should not exceed a trampoline weight limit.

What is the maximum trampoline weight limit? Remember to follow the recommended weight limit of the manufacturers and strictly stick to it.

So the answer is a big NO for this question!

What Factors Determine a Trampoline Weight Limit?

A regular trampoline is designed using three essential components below, which are also vital factors that determine a trampoline weight limit.

big trampoline weight limit

1. The Trampoline Frame

The trampoline frame is among the most critical elements in determining a trampoline weight limit. Most trampolines today are made from steel. The sturdier the steel frame, the higher the trampoline weight limit.

2. The Trampoline Springs

The springs of a trampoline play an essential role in determining the trampoline weight limit based on their length. The springs length, which ranges from 3.5" to 9", can contribute to the endurance of trampolines because they are designed to support the intended trampoline use. Longer springs will bring a higher bounce, but they will lower the trampoline weight limit.

3. The Trampoline Mat

The mat of the trampoline apparently holds all the trampoline weight and the bounce force.

Do you know what the trampoline mat is made out of?

Well, it is mostly made of woven polypropylene material to create a durable and robust water-resistant canvas. Not only is polypropylene solid when layered, but it also is flexible and smooth.

You know, the trampoline weight limit will be increased whenever a layer is added to the mat of the trampoline. However, the mat needs to be flexible enough in order to offer a bouncy jump.

Final Thoughts

So, I hope you understood the importance of the trampoline weight limit.

As you can see, the right answer to the question what the maximum trampoline weight limit is depends on the shape and size of your trampoline.

Playing on a trampoline is actually a fun activity and good for your health. Bouncing and jumping is a good exercise indeed! But above all, you should take safety into your account first. Keep that in mind, and don’t forget to share your ideas below.

Thank you for reading!

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