How To WOW Your Friends With 7 Simple Trampoline Tricks

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Who doesn’t love bouncing up and down on a trampoline? 

Trampolining is for people of all ages. It is not only joyful but also therapeutic.

Jumping can be really fun. But you can quickly get bored with it. So why don’t you spice the game up with some cool tricks on the jumping mat?

Here is the list of 7 simple trampoline tricks that you can practice at home. Take a look at it and make your friends go wow the next time they see you on a trampoline.


Important Notes First

beginner trampoline tricks

Before we jump to discover ​​​some cool tricks, there’s something you should keep in mind.

Trampoline tricks are fun but pose a risk of injury as well. So, make sure that your trampoline is safe to play, and no one will get hurt while enjoying the tricks.

A standard trampoline will come with trampoline pads to prevent jumpers from hitting the springs or frames. 

Likewise, a safety closure can reduce considerable risk of injury, especially due to jumping out of the mat. Hence, make sure you have one for your kids. Take a look at our recommendation here

One extra thing you should pay attention to is the trampoline itself. The more bouncy a trampoline is, the higher the chances are you will succeed with these tricks. So, make sure to buy a high-quality trampoline.

Check out our list of the best quality trampolines for more options. 

Trampoline Tricks List: Best Tricks – Kids Tricks – Tricks For Beginners

In the beginning, it’s best to start with basic tricks.

I know that these tricks might be too easy for some of you guys.

However, you should go slow and steady by spending more time practicing basic tricks as they are the foundation for the advanced tricks.

So, let’s start with these simple things, shall we?

#1. Tuck Jump - The Perfect Trick For the Beginners

cool simple trampoline tricks

Tuck jump is the first trick I want to introduce to you as it is the most simple trampolining skills.

Once you master jumping and balancing on a trampoline, you are ready for tuck jump.

This move is as easy as pie. All you have to do is bouncing up and down until you feel comfortable. While you’re still in the air, pull your knees up towards your chest and grab them with both hands before landing.

Practicing this move can help you improve balance and enjoy more time in the air. It is simple and can be combined with other tricks for a cooler move.

Take a look at this video to see how experts do it.

#2. Straddle Jump - The More Advanced Move

If tuck jump cannot challenge you, give this straddle jump a try.

Unlike tuck jump in which you will bring your knees up, to do straddle jump, you must jump very high and split your legs in V-shape. Then try to stretch your hands and touch your toes while in the air.

It is not as easy as the tuck jump as the importance here is to make a clean shape.

You should start by jumping and getting to the V position. Then try to bend forward and touch your toes. After you can create a nice clean shape, you should add height to it.

The common mistake that many trampoliners make is doing the shape too early. It happens when you do not have enough power from the trampoline to lift your legs. As a result, you cannot touch your toes and fail.

This video can give you more detailed instructions.

#3. Pike Jump - The Best Trick For Practicing Stability

simple tricks on a trampoline

Here comes another trampoline trick that you will love. 

This pike jump trick is similar to straddle jump in some ways. Hence, once you master straddle jump, pike jump is a breeze for you.

From a standing position with your arms up, jump and lift both your legs together in front of you. Then bend forwards and touch your toes.

My guide might be confusing to you, so watch this video to understand this skill.

You should practice this move repeatedly until your arms come down sharply, and your body makes a nice L-shape. And remember to land with both legs, or else you fail.

This trick can help you control your body as well as keep balance. It benefits your abs and other muscles. 

#4. Seat Drop - The Best Trick For Kids

And now that we have finished with the jumps let’s move to some drops.

Seat drop is the most popular drop move that many kids love practicing. It is simply bouncing on the trampoline, sitting on the mat, and then back again. 

The key here is to keep your legs and your back straight while your butt hits the trampoline mat. You should put your hands on two sides for additional force to push you back.

Let’s see how people do a seat drop in this video.

#5. Knee Drop - The Best Trick for Combining with Others

The next simple drop I will introduce to you is the knee drop. This fun trick is excellent to combine with jumping.

Basically, you jump as high as you can and then hit the mat with your knees.

Sound easy, right?

However, you should choose the right position for your knees to hit the mat, or else it will hurt your knees. And bear in mind to keep your back straight to avoid back pain after training.

You might want to watch this video for further tips.

#6. Front Drop and Backdrop - The Advanced Tricks

Here come the two advanced drop moves that will challenge you, the front drop and backdrop.

In front drop, you will spring towards and hit the mat with your belly then get back up. It might be a little scary since you feel like your face will hit the trampoline. However, keeping your arms in front of your face in a triangle shape can help you avoid that.

Here is the detailed guide.

The backdrop is similar to the front drop, but in this move, your back will hit the mat. This trick is not difficult to execute. But you need to push your chin towards your chest to avoid injury and shock. Also, you should only let the middle of your back touch the mat and position your arms and legs to get you up.

Watch an expert do backdrop in this video.

#7. Half Twist and Full Twist - Tricks For Expert Jumpers

The final two tricks will ask of you to twist yourself in a circle.

In half twist, you will jump in the air, spin, then land in a different direction. And in full twist, you must bounce higher and twist faster to land in the same direction.

These two twists are not easy. However, you can master them by putting more and more effort into practicing.

Check out how to do half twist step by step here. 

The common mistake that many jumpers might make is that they use their arms to create power for the spin. But actually, in both half twist and full twist, you have to use your whole body in motion.

I have a small tip for you to avoid using your arms, keep your arms up in the start position.

It might be tricky at first, but I believe that you can make it after several attempts.

Final Words

simple tricks on the trampoline

Alright, these are the 7 best tricks to do on a trampoline.

Don’t worry if you cannot master them for the first time. Practice makes perfect! Take your time and put more effort into practicing. And you will impress your friends with these cool tricks.

So, this is the end of our article. Thank you for reading! 

Last words before you leave. We are open to questions, so if there’s anything unclear, you can leave comments below. We will get back as soon as possible.

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