Pure Fun 9005MTH 40-Inch Mini Trampoline with Handrail

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The Pure Fun 9005MTH Trampoline with Handrail has a lot of ups and down. It seemed like the product faces more of downs than ups. The product has a larger size but has a lot of disadvantages. It is not durable, the handrails are messy and the product does not satisfy the customers. It has a lot of negative points to talk about.

Therefore, think carefully before buying this product. Make a wise decision! Keep trampolining for a healthy today and healthy tomorrow!

Pure Fun 9005MTH 40-Inch Mini Trampoline with Handrail
Our Rating: 3.8 / 5

The Pure Fun 9005MTH Trampoline is a trampoline best in its domain. It has excellent features which make it worthy to be bought. As the name suggests, this product is a mini-trampoline which means that it is meant for rebounding exercise. Therefore, use this product for fun and healthy living. This Pure Fun product will surely win your heart with its amazing features.

One of the customers on Amazon said, “We love this trampoline. I set it up in front of the TV so my 3 year old daughter does not become a couch potato by sitting on the couch all day.” Hence, people buy this mini-trampoline for various purposes. Pure Fun has satisfied the customer base immensely. People have showed positive responses for this innovation. Therefore buy this product and experience the happiness yourself.

The most important feature of this product is the handrails which come with it. It is comfortable to use the handrails while jumping. This makes the jump quite fun and also adds to exercising the hands. Hence, this mini trampoline will make you fit at the end of the day.

The Pure Fun 9005MTH Trampoline with Handrail is quite equipped with safety as well. It is provided with efficient structure and safety pads, to add to the safety measures. Thus, do not worry about the safety while using this mini-trampoline.

Pure Fun 40-Inch Mini Trampoline with Handrail


Stands on 5 Legs

The structure stands on 5 rust-resistant legs. This helps the structure from tripping over. Thus, safety is delivered in this product. The rust-resistant property is one of the desirable properties as well. The product becomes durable with this feature.

The Spring Count is Necessary to know

The Pure Fun 9005MTH Trampoline with Handrail has a spring count of 36. Spring count is essential to now for a trampoline as it conveys the bouncy effect imparted by the mini-trampoline. With 36 springs, this mini-trampoline is a good way to go.

Size of the Trampoline Matters!

Yes, the size of a trampoline is included among the deciding factors. The Pure Fun 9005MTH rampoline with Handrail has a size of 40 inches. For a min-trampoline this is size is quite favourable. 40 inches is quite a good size as compared to other sizes available in the market. Therefore, this product has an added advantage.

Easy to Assemble

This product is quite easy to assemble. The instruction manual given along is very detailed and easy to comprehend. Therefore, do not worry about the assembly process.

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Adjustable Handrail

The Pure Fun 9005MTH Trampoline with Handrail comes with an adjustable handrail. A handrail makes the jump very involved. One can use their hands during the jumping. The handrails are adjustable from 39” to 42”. Thus, it will work between these angles. This is unique feature present in the Pure Fun product.

Weight Limit and Age Limit-Useful Information

Each trampoline product has a weight and age limit. This helps the users to be safe and sound. The weight limit is 250 lbs and age limit is 12+. So, if you let a person of 300lbs get on the mini-trampoline, it might get destroyed. Therefore, know these limitations to allow users to make efficient use of this product.

Rebounding Exercise-Very Beneficial

The Pure Fun 9005MTH is very helpful in rebounding activities. The product is very benefitting for cardiovascular activities. The blood circulation is improved, the oxygen intake in increased. It makes the muscles strong and counts as an amazing fitness routine. Now you won’t need to make frequent rounds to the gym to get fit. You can easily use this mini-trampoline to achieve it.

Cheaply Priced

The Pure Fun trampoline product is priced at $69.99. The features it provides are worth the money. Therefore use this product to your advantage. You will not regret paying for it.


Not Durable

The Pure Fun 9005MTH Trampoline with Handrail is not durable. Many complaints have come saying that the product works for just 5 months maximum. One of the customers said, “The metal portion that the leg screwed into came off the base so now one of the legs is broken off.” Thus, this product is not durable. The handrails come off, or one of the legs gets broken. No one would want to keep buying a trampoline. Everyone wishes for a durable product. Sadly, this product is not durable. Hence, many customers do not recommend this product. So, consider this factor before buying it.

A Clumsy Handrail

This Pure Fun product is not equipped with a proper handrail. In order to move the trampoline, the handrail has to be removed. This on and off loosens the screws to a large extent. This might also be the reason behind the breaking of legs. Hence, keep this fix in mind before buying this product.

Very Weak customer Service

The customer support provided by this company is not desirable. They tried to contact the company for various reasons and complaints. But the customer service is not responding. This makes the customers regret their decision a lot. So if you face a problem with this product, be sure that Pure Fun will not be of much use.

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