The Best Time to Buy a Trampoline You Cannot Miss

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As you are reading this article, you know that trampolines are not low-priced products, so you should not buy them anytime you want. Besides, in fact, trampoline buying at a suitable time can not only save your budget but can also bring about more happiness to your kids.

Let's find out the best time to buy a trampoline, where we should buy it, and what we need to consider before spending our money.

Here we go!


The Best Time to Buy a Trampoline?

1. In the Spring

best time to buy springfree trampoline

The starting time of a year is always a good time to buy new things. At this time of the year, if your area has a mild climate, it is great for your children to play on these trampolines.

Also, they can have around 9 months to enjoy the game before the freezing and wet weather of winter comes back.

You will want to use an item as frequently as possible before you store it in the warehouse, right?

Unfortunately, it is not so common to get discounted products at this time.

2. In the Summer

Summer is a "hot "time in a year for outdoor activities. Therefore, many stores will run sales campaigns constantly during this time to promote their products.

Trampoline purchase may cost you less at the start of the season but can gradually become more expensive in the middle and end of the season due to high demand.

So, watch out!

3. In the Autumn

best time of year to buy a trampoline

When it comes to the fall, we cannot help talking about special deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you know, these are considered to be the two biggest sales holidays of the year.

At the same time, the demand for trampolines after summer is prone to decrease, so you are likely to get some bargains then.

Sometimes, in some places, the expense of getting a trampoline on these occasions can charge you only half of the normal amount.

4. In the Winter

There are not many special occasions during winter. The only time you can hope to benefit from the good price is Christmas.

Perhaps a number of fitness shops will sell off their trampolines before the new goods come in.

Furthermore, it is also joyful to see your kids unwrap a new box of Christmas gifts under the pine and aim for a promising exercise plan in the new year.

Where Should You Buy a Trampoline?

In fact, nowadays, both offline and online shops tend to launch their promotion campaigns throughout the year at an insane frequency to boost sales.

Hence, "Where to buy a trampoline?" is even becoming a more popular question than "When to buy a trampoline?".

Fortunately, a piece of good news is that there are a variety of places that offer trampolines at a low price. 

1. Offline Stores

when is the best time of year to buy a trampoline

A traditional and simple way is going to a conventional brick-and-mortar store that sells fitness equipment (including a supermarket like Walmart, Target, so on).

This allows you to inspect the product thoroughly and discuss it with the sellers or sales staff of the shop directly and quickly.

In other words, you can be more assured about the quality of the trampoline as you can easily check it by yourself and bring it back to the seller if there is an issue.

Another way is to learn about the types of trampolines first and keep a model in your mind, then go to a specialized store or a brand shop instead of a standard sports instruments store. (e.g., genuine or authorized shops of Skywalker, Springfree, JumpSport, or BouncePro, etc.)

There, you are more certain to receive an authentic product. But prepare to spend a bigger sum, especially in shopping malls.

2. Online Platforms

best time to go to a trampoline park

Today, it is preferable for most people to go shopping online. This way is especially great for people who do not have much time, and condition to buy offline, want to consider a wider range of trampolines, or simply love the generous coupons.

Of course, if you have a significant budget, you can turn on your browser and visit the official site of your favorite brand and place an order.

Vice versa, if you do not intend to burn out your money, there are many other online shops.

The most reputable platforms include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, and so on. Once you get there, you can be stunned with a bunch of models, appealing prices, and extra discounts. 

You can also meet big brands opening their genuine shops on those platforms. But notice that only reliable sellers should have a blue tick before or after their names.

Isn't it also convenient and helpful to read the specifications and reviews of your future trampoline in the same place before you buy it?

Last but not least, in specific places, you can enjoy numerous exclusive deals.

For instance, if you are living within the USA, the Amazon Home Services offers an excellent trampoline assembly service at a very competitive fee. This is incredibly handy since assembling a trampoline can be a challenge and waste you a lot of time.

However, a considerable disadvantage is that you sometimes do not know whether a product is really appropriate for you while returning it to the seller is definitely more troublesome than buying from an offline store, too.

When and Where to Play With a Trampoline?

After buying a trampoline of your choice, it is time to consider where and when your children should enjoy their new gifts.

1. Suitable Places to Use a Trampoline

when is the best time to buy a trampoline

Most people regard bouncing on a trampoline as an outdoor activity. This is particularly true with models coming with a basketball hoop.

Thus, one of the most important safety tips is that you and your kids should bounce in the middle of a spacious yard. You will not want anybody to fall onto household objects in your house, which both damages items and hurts people.

Also, it is very dangerous to play in a narrow yard or too near trees, fences, or objects that can injure us.

2. The Appropriate Time to Play on a Trampoline

when's the best time to buy a trampoline

Apart from the right locations, you should also notice the time you and your children play on your trampoline.

As an outdoor game, bouncing on trampolines should take place in the mild weather. That said, you do not necessarily play in a fixed season, but any day when the weather facilitates you to enjoy yourself.

However, you should play with your kids when you have free time instead of leaving them to play alone. Whether your rectangular/round trampolines have any safety feature or not, it is best to keep an eye on your child.

Who knows when the enclosure net, safety pads, trampoline’s frames, and springs will not work properly and cause unexpected accidents?


So we have discovered the best time to buy a trampoline

As we mentioned, choosing the right time to buy anything like Cyber Monday and Black Friday is very important to have exceptional trampoline deals.

Additionally, you should choose a brand carefully to get the most economical products. You will be surprised at the incredibly low price of Skywalker trampolines coming with Cyber Monday deals.

And finally, check if the pack consists of extra accessories. Many different stores can sell a product with the same name at the same price, but one package will include a trampoline with enclosure and several basketball hoops while the others won’t.

Anyway, happy bouncing, and thanks for reading!

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