Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

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Every product is associated with some negatives and positives. The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline is a product of surprises. It is durable, safe, weather-proof, comfortable and cheap. But it is hard to install. Use your judgement to make a wise decision. Hence, ponder upon it and decide if this product suits your needs and your backyard.

Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad
Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

The Skywalker Company is the leading companies with regard to trampolines. One of its products includes the Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline. This product has won a lot of hearts with its amazing features. Trampolines are supposed to provide fun and frolic. People wish to hang out with each other and spend time doing new stuff. Trampolines are mainly used for recreational purposes. Therefore, bring this product to home and enjoy with your friends and family.

One of the customers on Amazon said, “I love the product. It is durable and fun to use. I and my family use it frequently.” Hence, users have shown a positive response to the product. This product delivers its promises. It can be used by kids and adults as well. Hence, there is no barrier to the customer base.

Every trampoline should be assured with safety. The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline does not put you in danger. It is equipped with excellent features that protect you. Hence, do not worry about the safety factor.

This Skywalker product is durable as well. It will continue to serve for a long time. The price is also reasonably set. Thus, customers are surprised with the fantastic durability and functionality of this product.

Another customer said, “Well price was a factor, and then the APPEARANCE of safety. Well, when you get it, you will find that INDEED it is built sturdily with every single safety measure available.” Hence, it shows that customers have faith in this product. Being weather-proof is also a thumb up. The trampoline will stay intact and not trip on use.

Before buying any product, everyone is apprehensive about the quality of the product. Hence, it is necessary to get to know the pros and cons of the product. This article will furnish you the facts about Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline. With them in knowledge, make your decision as you please.

Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad


Stability assured by Steel T-Sockets

The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline uses steel t-sockets to attach the safety net to the trampoline base. These sockets prevent the structure form collapsing while jumping. Therefore, safety is not compromised in this Skywalker product.

6-W Legs to Make the Frame Stable

The entire frame stands on 6 W-shaped legs. These legs are made up of heavy 16 gauge galvanized rust resistant steel. Hence, don’t worry during heavy downpour. The rust resistant steel will not get damaged. This imparts the product stability.

6-W Legs to Make the Frame Stable

Has a Size of 12 Diameter

The size of a trampoline matters a lot. It is the diameter of the fabric which is used to jump on. The size tells us about the bouncy effect of the trampoline. It will also tell you if it fits in the backyard. Therefore, all of the family members will enjoy this innovation. The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline will prove it to you.

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Round Shape makes it Perky!

The shape of a trampoline is very important to decide the bouncy effect. The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline has a round shape. This increases the jaunty effect of the trampoline. Round shape is suitable to most customers. The springs are spaced equally to impart a regular bounce. The jumper is landed back to the centre, regardless of his take-off point. Thus, this feature helps the trampoline to deliver. With a round shape, the structure absorbs the pressure exerted at every jump. Round shapes are also easy to move around the backyard. Thus, use this shape to your advantage.

Know the Weight and Age Limit to be on the Safe side!

This Skywalker product has a weight limit of 200lbs. Hence, keep this in mind before letting people go on together. The age limit is 6 years. Follow these restrictions carefully to ensure safe bouncing.

1 inch thick Foam Padding

The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline has a surface of 1 inch foam padding. The foam pad is UV protected. Thus, you can stay protected from the harmful rays of the Sun. This ensures stability and comfort while you jump on it. It has been made with your comfort in mind.

 Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round

The Enclosing Net Is Sound and UV-Proof!

This Skywalker product comes with an enclosing net to help one stay within the diameter itself. A patented button-hole feature is used to attach the net with the base. At V-ring eliminating gaps the contact is made. Therefore, safety is a tick on the list of features for this product.

Warranty Guaranteed

The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline comes with a warranty. A product with warranty is an icing on the cake. Everybody wants amendments. A year of warranty is the icing on this product.

Cheap and Worth It!

This Skywalker product is price from $221. Thus, this product is worth its price. Do not hesitate to spend this money for a durable and stable product.


A Difficult Manual

The Skywalker 12-feet Round Trampoline is difficult to install. It does not have a comprehendible manual which makes the assembly process very difficult. The manual contains only paperwork. Some graphical representations would help a lot in the installation process. Customers have complained about this. O, be prepared to face this fix.

A Low Size

This Skywalker product has a size of 12. This size is not satisfactory. Two or three individuals might jump on the trampoline. Hence, a large diameter is needed. This counts as a disadvantage.  So, if you have a large family, this trampoline is not worth it. A large backyard will ask for a large size trampoline, not a small one.

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