Top 10 best trampoline for kids

There are different types of trampolines for kids ranging from rectangular ones to round ones. When selecting a trampoline for your kid, it is better to select the most ideal option that will be perfect for their ultimate safety and enjoyment. 

Whether you want to buy a round one or a rectangular one, the most important criteria should be the safety features and the strength of the springs.

If you are looking to buy a trampoline for your child, we have selected the very best in the market. These reviewed trampolines have top rankings from customers on Amazon. Below are its features, benefits and specifications of best trampolines for kids​​​.

Top 10 Best Trampoline for Kids in the Market

Pure Fun Kid’s Super Jumper Trampoline, 48-Inch

Dimension: 48 x 48 x 34 inches; 22 pounds

Structure: Pure Fun Kid’s Super Jumper Trampoline is built with a steel frame, padded adjustable handle. The handle can be very comfortably adjusted with two different sizes which provide two options for your kid. This is designed for indoor activity on the cold and rainy days.

Durability: This product has extra large jumping area made of 30 springs. It also provides excellent bounce and durability.

Suitable for: This trampoline is perfect for toddles above the age of 3.

Safety measure: The trampoline has a handle for your kid to grip and all parts of this product are approved by ASTM.

Warranty: It comes with a warranty of 90 days from the manufacturer on all its parts.

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Pure Fun Kids Mini Trampoline (Multicolored, 36-Inch)

Dimension: 33.5 x 15.7 x 3.3 inches; 14 pounds

Structure: The Pure Fun 36” Kids Mini Trampoline is especially designed for fun and safety. It is mostly made of steel and PVC. It also provides more color and 36-inch diameter bouncing area along with a safety bar. One more thing is the bounce system which is not made of spring like other trampolines. This is made of bungee which is claimed a safer material for your kids to jump on. Frame and suspension are covered in a lot of bright color and a cushioned pad.

Durability: This product is designed for indoor usage so it will last longer if you don’t leave it outdoor

Suitable for: Recommended for kids from 3 to 8 years old and 75-pound weight limit

Safety measure: This trampoline is ASTM approved as well TUV and GS quality and safety certified

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Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

Dimension: 29.5 x 29.5 x 11 inches; 12 pounds

Structure: The Pure Fun 9001KJ Kid’s Jumper Trampoline considers safety as the most important factor. So they make this product’s jumping area by using bungee but not spring. A bungee bouncing area and an easy to grip handle are the best combinations that provide your kids the safety that you need. All parts of this product come with bright and colorful material which will attract your kid at the first sight.

Durability: This one is reviewed by a lot of customers (473 reviews). It is very durable with bungee jumping area and a sturdy handle bar.

Suitable for: It is designed perfectly for children at age 3+ and up to 75 lbs.

Safety Measure: Manufacture claims that this product must pass strict safety testing before it ever leaves the factory.

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Skywalker Trampolines 40 In. Round Lily Pad Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

Dimension: 40 In. x 40 In. x 56 In and 18.1 pounds

Structure: The Skywalker Trampolines 40 inch has different structure from above trampolines. It has gap free enclosure attached to the bouncing surface along with padded foam enclosure frame. In addition, 360 degree handle supplied extra support for your children as they begin their balancing and bouncing skills. Stretch bands offer a lot of fun and soft bounce with no springs and no trouble about little fingers

Durability: This product is reviewed by 292 customers and has many vote up for durability Suitable for. It is perfect for children from 3 to 7 years old and up to 100 lbs weight capacity

Safety measure: Enclosure around this trampoline is the best safety measure for your kid. It also comes with a bouncing area without springs and you don’t have to worry about your children’s finger.

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Pure Fun Kid’s First Jumper Trampoline

Dimension: 37.4 x 37.4 x 11 inches; 10 pounds

Structure: This product is designed for beginning jumper with safe and no-spring bouncing system. It includes a stable handle bar for extra safety. All material are made of steel and PVC. This trampoline will help your kid develop their balance and jumping skill.

Durability: This product is also recommend by many customers for durability

Suitable for: It is perfect for children up to 75 pounds and above the age of 3.

Safety measure: A handle bar and no spring bouncing system are good combination for safety. Moreover, heavy-duty yet lightweight construction as well padded cover provide added safety

Warranty: It comes with 90-day limited warranty from the manufacturer on all its parts.

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Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer Trampoline

It is not a surprise that the Bazoongi 48 inches trampoline makes the number one list in this review. It is specifically designed to give your kids the best comfort and safety features. 

If you have two high energy kids who always love bouncing on the trampoline, this product will just be ideal for them. It has a strong spring that cannot be affected by rough and prolonged use.

Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer is an amazing trampoline specifically designed to be used in any weather condition for all types of kids.

The product comes with a blue outer ring that totally covers the springs for better safety, which is a vital protective tool if you have little kids who have high energy levels. This feature is absent in many other trampolines. Some trampoline models have only four legs but the Bazoongi 48″ model has gone a step ahead by including two more legs. This makes it sturdier and firmer to the ground against heavy winds. 

The trampoline is also large enough to give space for kids who love jumping around on the trampoline. Despite its spacious feature, it is compact enough to fit into a small living space. There are other great features which make this product one of the best trampolines for kids.

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is up there as one of the best trampolines for kids in the market today. It already has several customer reviews and user ratings on Amazon and other top retail websites.

This model of kids’ trampoline provides safety features you may not find anywhere else. It is very light to transport and extremely easy to put together. That is one of its advantages over so many other types of trampolines that can take a toll to assemble.

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The price of this trampoline is also very considerate with all the features you can get. Some features of this product include heavy duty steel poles, safety enclosure, durable frame, high quality pad protector and a polythene cover.

It comes with fully padded bar attached to the trampoline for more support. This makes it smooth and free of any exposed metal or sharp parts that may cause injuries. It also provides a nice bounce, which is an important feature for kids who want to have more fun on the trampoline.

Although the assembly may be tricky for a new user, it shouldn’t take much stress or time if the user manual is strictly followed.

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Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline

Structure: This product is made of 30 pcs of 3.5″ galvanized springs which makes this trampoline a safer and longer-lasting than conventional welded trampoline.

Protective Cover with Mounting Straps contact points boost stability and prevent wobbling or tipping. Using this, your kid will have deeper, more exciting bounce because of the excellent performance steel springs.

Rust-resistant galvanized frame adds bonus drilling and makes it a long-lasting part in your home. One of the most important features of Bazoongi Bouncer trampoline is that it is easy to assemble top-rail system. Another feature is that handle can be adjusted easily to two different heights – 22″ and 25″. It allows you to use this trampoline more conveniently.

This trampoline comes with color and bright materials, so it looks adorable as well.

It is big enough (4ft diameter) for your kid to jump around freely without worrying if he or she will step on the frame or springs.

Also, it is very safe, very durable because the pad covers springs entirely and is hooked in place underneath so it does not slide around at all. It is really sturdy product, so it will certainly last a good long time.

Remember that when putting this together you should read the directions carefully and look at the pictures. You’ll need two people to set up this trampoline. It is also quite large so plan on a good bit of space being consumed.

Durability: Unlike other trampoline, this product is made of Rust-Resistant Galvanized Frame and 30 pcs of 3.5″ galvanized springs and has a 100-lbs maximum weight capacity.

Suitable for: The maximum weight capacity is 100 lbs and the dimension is 48″ dia. x 34″ which is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old.

Safety measures: This trampoline is certified by an independent laboratory to pass all ASTM safety requirements.

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Galt Folding Trampoline

Galt started his business sojourn in 1836 as a school book seller. Now, his brand produces some of the best models of trampolines in the world today.

The main philosophy of their products is to encourage learning through play. Galt folding trampolines are constantly tested before they are rolled into the real market. If you are looking for a tested product with high quality design, the Galt Folding trampoline is your most ideal option. It is distributed to more than 50 countries in the world and still maintains that high standard it has been known for over the years. It is most ideal for kids above 3 years old and not more than 77 pounds. 

The Galt folding trampoline has all the features you will ever need in a trampoline such as tubular steel frame, weatherproof mat, padded cover and durable coated finish. This trampoline is very easy to assemble and does not require the hands of an expertise. 

All instructions are provided in the manual for easy setup. Obviously, it is trampoline is perfectly safe for playful children.

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Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

This is the smaller version of the Tikes 7 inches trampoline, which makes it more portable and compact. The assembly of this product is a breeze since it requires only the attachment of the handle and the legs.

Safety is one common feature any good trampoline should have. Interestingly, this is the most notable feature in the Little Tikes 3-inches trampoline. It has a wide safety bar that prevents your kid from falling off when bouncing on the trampoline.

This trampoline can also accommodate more than 1 kid at a time. Other great features of the Little Tikes include metal and plastic design, handlebar for stability, large jumping surface and sturdily designed springs.

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Trampolines are great recreational tools you bring to your home to create fun. They are even more enjoyable when you have playful kids who love to jump and bounce around.

If you are looking for the most ideal product to buy, the above are the 10 best trampolines you can get for your kids. They are reliable, bouncy, effective, safe, and quite durable.

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